I bet ya $20 that THOUSANDS of hikers passed this cool balanced rock before the guy in the photo had the bright idea to turn it into something funny.
funny photo
He took the time to CREATE some joy for himself, and to take himself away from his troubles.

I’ll be you another $20 that his mood was better after he took the time to be playful, than it was before hand.

Wanna make your life more fun? You don’t need to do much. Here comes the simple advice: Add some play into your home and work life.

(Sheesh… that’s pretty deep! All that from a goofy tourist photo.)

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Check out our newest staffer, Paige!

Does it seem to you that the new-hires seem younger and younger?
my little girl paige is on the phone andwering your questions
My four-year-old Paige loves my headset. Here she is in my office….

Next time you call and get a REALLY young voice on the line, let me know. She snuck on the phone system again.

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You bet! I bet most of you saw this… but did you notice?

Google put up a new image at google.com during the Olympics.

Who Cares? I do. They easily could have said that business means “professional” and “professional” means “boring.”
google humor in the work place
But Google took a chance, shared their corporate sense of humor, and put up these images.
humor in the workplace

Humor in the search engines? Good for you, Google.

Check out this funny definition of a bad magician:

An amateur magician.
We were expecting to get a professional conjurer, but what we got was a mere abracadabbler.

Thanks to:
Witwords featuring Mark My Words, Fictionary of Witty Words and more!

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Penrose, that is. I did another employee appreciation event for a Colorado Springs, Colorado hospital called Penrose-St. Francis Health System.

It was flattering to be part of such a cool event. They honored their employees who were celebrating their 5, 10, 15 etc year anniversaries with the hospital.

But they wanted me to deliver an inspirational and funny keynote filled with an underlying theme of “thank you” to their employees.

There are folks all across the world who NEVER get a thank you from their employers, much less a huge event with a fancy dinner and a funny speaker.

Heath care workers are so often under-appreciated. It was a blast seeing this group get some much needed ‘atta-boy’s. Nice job guys!

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Easier Choices, Please

Don’t you wish all of your decisions were this easy?

blue cars make easy choices
This cracks me up, and I think it makes a really valid point: do more choices really improve our quality of life?

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Just back from being a humorous motivational speaker for Personix, Inc. (We were at Barton Creek Resort in Austin, Texas.) It was a fun group, and different from many of my programs. Why?

1. It was a small group. They had about 50 of their senior leadership team. This is a group of very well-traveled, highly educated folks, been-there-done-that folks.
2. They wanted me to speak after dinner. They had been in educational sessions ALL day, and had me speak after they had all had access to a great (and heavy!) buffet and the open bar.

In other words, it was a pretty tough audience. Tired. Jaded. Small.

But it ended up being a blast. The group responded well (which was very flattering.) The humor hit well, including the customized jokes I wrote just for that company.

The CEO had some very kind words after the program, and my contact was (apparently) delighted.

But the best indicator for me of the success of my version of the motivational speech was fun to watch.

It was fun, from my perspective, to see that group make the change during the program. At the beginning, they were skeptical and fairly quiet. Many arms were crossed. A few of the people (seated at round tables) at first didn’t even turn their chairs to face the platform. But by the end, they were laughing, and laughing hard. Their arms were uncrossed, and they were totally engaged in the humor.

And seeing them linger after the event and laugh, share funny stories, crazy anecdotes, etc. was — from my perspective —- a really great sign of success.

I had a blast. Thanks Personix!

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I had a great time working for Denver, Colorado’s own St. Anthony’s Hospital last week for their event for Cardiac nurses. I was scheduled to be their health care speaker after lunch, but at the last minute traded with a California nurse who had plane troubles.

It was a hoot! I love speaking to nurses.. we joked about HIPPA and over-demanding doctors, and generally poked fun at most of health care in general.

My “mission” was to celebrate the success of these nurses, to give them a huge “thank you” message, and to teach them some techniques for taking the humor back to their workplace — back to their cardiac floors at their hospitals.

My favorite part? A cardiac physician came in late (as he was the next speaker) and sat quietly in the back. He was the only doctor. He was a really good guy, and ended up being the punching bag for the nurses’ stressed…. he did it with grace and confidence.

And best of all… he kept the humor going into his program. After I finished “firing up” the nurses, he was to teach them the latest news in cardiac medicine. He, apparently at the last minute, changed his boring talk about the human heart to something like,

“Dead Meat Don’t Beat”

Thanks St. Anthony! And thanks cardiac nurses. You are a very impressive heath care group.

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