Not exactly. I just was a motivational speaker for a Colorado – based company called Home Lumber. What a blast! These guys are a great bunch of folks: hard working men in the construction industry. (They supply building materials to huge builders in Colorado.)

It was a great meeting. They had me finish up their sales meeting and there were many things that made it a success.

1. The group really needed a laugh.
2. The CEO followed my motivational speech with a really up-beat re-cap of the program, and how he totally believes the messages of positive attitudes.
3. They did a great job of setting up the program: the group was jazzed about seeing “the speaker” who they promised would be really funny and deliver a message about enjoying their jobs more.
4. I kicked butt. : )
5. I used a ton of customized, written-just-for-that-audience humor and comedy that (in my opinion) made the program more relevant. And more funny.

It was a great time. I was pleased to be part of the sales conference. And really loved Home Lumber.

Check out the topic they chose for their sales conference here

Look here.

This is a very cool site with a ton of diverse humor links and humor resourses. Very cool site.

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I recently spoke for the City of Golden in Golden, Colorado. They had an employee appreciation dinner for their council members, professional staff, and (most especially) for their volunteers.

What a special group! It was powerful to see such a diverse and disparate group of folks all passionate about the same thing: the future of their city.

That was a special event… Thanks Golden!

Learn more about what I spoke about during my motivational keynote here.

This game was cute and a fun.

Procrastinate at work!
funny game

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Need a more constructive use of your time? Need some REAL humor in the workplace? Check out my seminars here.

Celebration is fun. Duh!

There is something awesome about watching people at their happiest moments. We love to see people do their job well… and then be rewarded by their work.

Check out this photo from the superbowl.
Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and coach Bill Cowher savor the final seconds of the game

So, what’s the take away? Wat’s my point? Next time YOU are presenting to a group, be it a huge audience for your motivational speech or six people in your office, shouldn’t you look like you are having fun? (In case it isn’t obvious… yes! Act like you are having fun! Act like you are having some serious fun… it is a great humor technique.)

Here’s the rule you need to know regarding this technique about making your presentation more engaging: we all like to watch — and listen to — people who are having fun. You and your presentation will be more enjoyable if you let them know how much fun you are having. (By the way, if you aren’t having fun, fake it.)

So… turn up the volume on your fun-o-meter and let that fun out! Let them see you smile. Let them see you laugh. Let them see your passion. Your evaluations will improve, guaranteed. It might not get you to the Superbowl… but trust me, it’ll make your presentation more enjoyable.

Check out my work, where I ALWAYS have a good time, doing my comedian speaker thing, here!

On a recent trip to Mexico we found this great old broom that looked (to us, anyway) just like Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000. (We had just read the 3rd book in that series aloud and were jazzed about riding broomsticks.)
ben on broom
Check out the funny photos we took of Claire and Ben.
claire on the nimbus

Yes… I do stink at Photoshop! But it was fun messing around… and the kids think I’m a rock star. (I won’t tell ’em I stink if you won’t.)
More pictures of my family here.

[I know… this entry has nothing to do with motivational speaking or humor… but… er…. Maybe Harry Potter was a humorist? Or a speaker? Or….. Just reaching?]

I did it. I finally worked my last of the 50 United States.

I was a motivational speaker and humorist in Maine, which was my final state! Now I’ve performed magic, comedy and speaking in all 50 states, (and on four continents… but who’s counting?)

Check out the proof of this photo. (I had some guy totally concerned for my mental health when I asked him to take this picture in the airport, but hey! I needed proof!)
maine speaker

Check out the work I did as a Maine Motivational Keynote Speaker here.

I had a blast delivering my motivational keynote speech to the FBI in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eat my gun? Never been more fun.

Read about it here.

I’m pumped! We just put together a free mini-course in adding humor to programs. It is built for:

•Pro Speakers
•Part Time Speakers
•Folks who occasionally have a presentation at work.
•Entertainers. Magicians. Jugglers. Comedians.
•Anybody who has to do a Wedding Toast

Anybody who has to speak in front of any sized group!

I’m proud of it. The Humor Course is free and fun.

And it is filled with humor techniques.

Check it out!

No… I’m kidding… they make great friends. :)

One of the best part of being a motivational speaker, is getting to know and become friends with other motivational speakers.

Ron Culberson is one of my favorite speakers pals. He’s funny. (He’s also a humorist.) He’s smart. And he is just a really good guy. Ron presents his motivational and funny speeches to health care groups, though he has clients in all fields as well.

Ron is also a co-author of my first book, Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

I’m glad we’re friends. Thanks Ron.

Here is Ron and I working a crowd at the National Speakers Association event in Atlanta, Georgia.
Speaker Ron Culberson

Check out my work:
as a health care motivational speaker
as a humorist motivational speaker