Need a surefire funny show? Not comedy hypnotism!

After my job speaking for Health Reach, (a rural health care provider in Maine) I saw Frank Santos Jr., a “comedian hypnotist.”

I’m guessing that I didn’t see his best show. I’m hoping I didn’t.

Ok, I admit that he had a cold. And I admit that his opening comedian didn’t do him any favors. (The opening act just didn’t get the audience going. Period. Didn’t do his job to “warm up” the audience.)

But still, it seems that hypnotism is a hit or miss program. Even if I saw a “miss,” I am not certain how it would fit into a corporate or association event.

Even when he did get laughs, they were from edgy stuff: making his hypnotized subjects that they had to pee, or making his subjects dance pretending they were “erotic dancers.”

So if you remove the edgy material, he had very little left. He said on stage that he can work clean: frankly, I can’t see it.

And last night was as close to a bust as I bet he gets. Most of his subjects proved to us that they were not hypnotized. And even they ones that were (apparently) “down under” just weren’t very animated. Not that funny.

I imagine that most of the audience left thinking, “That was ok.” I can’t imagine ANY of them thinking it was the best show they’ve ever seen.

Next time YOU are involved with selecting a corporate comedian, or a clean corporate entertainer, are YOU willing to take the chance that:

Hypnotists can work clean? And that if they do, it will still be funny?
That they can be very funny, guaranteeded for YOUR audience?
And that nobody will go home thinking that it was just “Ok?”
That your comedian hypnotists will not embarass anybody.

For my money, if you want sure fire corporate entertainment, avoid comedy hypnotists.

Of course, I think you ought to go with me! :) Check out my work as a clean corporate comedian.

Did you catch GOOGLE.COM on halloween?

Here is a company not afraid to laugh at itself. Humor in the workplace? You betcha.

google laughs!

And Google is kickin’ butt… coincidence? Me thinks not.

Get it?

I’m on my way to Maine to be a humorist motivational speaker for Health Reach. (They serve up health care all around Maine… including and especially rural areas.)

Why is this so cool? Because this is my first time speaking in Maine? I’ve worked in all of the remaining 49 states, but never Maine.

As of tomorrow, I will have worked in ‘em all.

Paige is my youngest kid at age four.

She was humming and asked me to guess what she was humming. I guessed a few songs. “Sesame Street?” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?”

“No” And she kept humming.

“I give up,” I said. “What are you humming.”

“A trumpet,” she answered. I laughed out loud.

“Now guess what it is? It is long and skinny. It is shiny.” Her grandfather plays trombone, and now I was hip to the game. So I guessed trombone.

“Nope. Violin.”

Now that’s funny! You don’t need to look far if you need a smile. Need humor? Just look in your car seat.

I think my friend and one of our fellow Colorado magicians Brian Dino did a great job of explaining close up magic, and why somebody might want it. Thanks Brian.

Magic of Brian Dino

Mix & Mingle

: Your guests are entertained right at the heart and start of the event. With no special lighting, sound or tables required, Brian engages —then involves— your guests in a close-up performance they may think possible only on television. Where people meet for the first time i.e. client hospitality, Brian naturally brings them together and provide the catalyst for interaction between them… something many companies are aware of as being a problem to overcome. Brian can easily provide the solution.
magician brian dino

Can you imagine showing up at work with this bad boy?
funny spider?

Still, it would spice up the next office meeting? Humor in the workplace?

Thanks to Dave Barry

We’re on the final home stretch of printing the second humor anthology Humor Us: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter. you’re gonna love it. I’ve never been so excited about a book…. this is gonna be great. There are sections on:

Humor and Education
Humor and Marraige
Humor and Creativity
Humor and Business
Therapeutic effects of Humor.
How to be funny — even if you aren’t.

Stay tuned for more….

Just back from a job in Springfield, Missouri where I worked for a Peterbuilt Truck company called The Larson Group. They wanted me to speak just to their top executives and managers and fire them up. In some ways it was a typical speakers’ job: fire up the troops, put the difficult times in perspective, and celebrate their recent successes.
peterbilt logo

But this group was wonderful… they asked me to (politely and safely) tease the CEO as well as his six sons (all of whom work in the company.) A very fun day, a bunch of funny stuff, with laughter and smiles all around.

Perhaps the biggest smile was on MY face. I’ve got a great job.

Missouri Motivational Speaker and Comedian

Scott Friedman is a good friend. Like me, he is a Colorado Motivational Humorist Speaker and uses humor to help groups deal with change, morale, and retention and recruitment. He’s funny; and he’s smart.

Scott also has a chapter in my first book, Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

One of my favorite things about Scott though (and there are many — he’s a good friend) is that he taught me the value of a two dollar bill. It turns out that a $2 bill is worth WAY more than $2. Thanks to Scott, I use them to tip all the time. For the bag check, for the hotel’s housekeeper…. for anybody for whom a couple of bucks might be the ticket.

But here is the brilliance: most people LOVE $2 bills. To them, the value is worth way more than the … well….value.

So next time you need tip somebody… try doing it with a $2 bill and watch the good humor you’ll create.

Thanks Scott!

Colorado Motivational Humorist Speaker

Comedy and Humor Technique:

The opening act for the comedian hypnotist I saw last night just didn’t have what it takes. And his comedy seemed like a short course in what NOT to do as a comedian.

Basically, even when he was funny, he wasn’t likable. Many of his jokes were mocking women, folks who lived in Maine (the show was in Maine) and generally pretty much anybody who wasn’t a white man.

It wasn’t just that he made fun of them; it was because he wasn’t likable.

(Chris Rock makes fun of everybody too… but he is different. He is just plain likable. We put up with his insults because we know that he doesn’t mean him. Because we still like him.)

For example, he had a joke (I can’t remember it exactly, but it doesn’t matter: trust me, it wasn’t funny.) About how pregnancy is harder on the man than the woman. The premise is fine. And it could be made funny. It could be really funny.

But if you come off as a jerk, it just makes you look like an insensitive clod. And worse, you just aren’t that funny. Yup, you might get a laugh…. but not the big laugh you would earn if you were likable.

This guy last night would have been way better off just making fun of himself more.

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