Just off the phone with Colorado Magician Scott McCray. He is a very funny guy, and a great magician. He told me that he is interested in become a magician speaker.

Seems like motivational speakers (who do magic) is a hot job.

Cool. It’s fun having a job that even the folks I admire covet. How cool is that?!

Another of my favorite Colorado magicians is a guy by the name of John T. Sheets. (And no, I have no idea what the T is for.)

He is a sleight of hand expert…. he has a trick with a finger ring that just blows my mind. I know how it is done, and it STILL blows my mind.

He’s a good guy, and is also a member of the Colorado Magicians’ Society. He does great work.

Thanks John!

Young Magician is Royalty!

Keir Mathur is a great Colorado magician and a good guy. He is a new entrant into the world of ‘magicians who are also speakers, and it has been my pleasure to coach him a bit.

One of the things I love about Keir is his willingness to take responsibility for his own future and success. . He is trying hard to get his career kicks started, and is working his butt off to make it happen. He isn’t just sitting around; he is working.

He has learned his own video editing skills, his own marketing skills, and generally doing a great job not just as a magician but also as a guy who can set goals and take steps toward them every day.

Good for you Keir.

Colorado Magicians rock!

Comedian has gone to the dogs

Another of my favorite Colorado comedians is a guy named Kevin Fitzgerald. And here’s something cool… he is a full time veterinarian. And he’s still one of the funniest comedians I know. He works clean. And best of all, he is a really good guy.

Check him out.

Jeff Harms has always been one of my favorite Colorado comedians. This guy has a great handle on humor.

Don’t know where (or even if) he is working now. But I’d love to see him again.

Was just in North Carolina speaking for A4 Heath Systems. They provide software to health care companies… medical practices… and wanted me to open up their users’ conference. I was totally impressed…. seemed to me that they were heading up a short course in Customer Appreciation.

They had their users travel in from all over the country to North Carolina to attend this conference, and they wanted to make sure that their customers understood how thankful the company was, and how they really wanted to make an impression that the conference was supposed to be fun. Sure, there was plenty of learning going on. Sure there was a ton of different sessions with plenty of must-learn info.

But they wanted to make absolutely sure that the folks there knew that:
1. They were appreciated.
2. They were going to do their best to make this thing fun.
north carolina speakers' client
So they had me… Mr. Funny Motivational Humorist… kick it off.

It was a blast. If they had 1/2 as much fun as I did…. then it was a huge success.

Thanks A4

Health Care Speakers: Brad Montgomery

Just came from a speakers showcase with Five Star Speakers and Trainers in Chicago, Illinois. (This is an event where buyers from many industries come to see a sample of several speakers’ speeches.

It was a fun event…. we had plenty of laughs. But to be honest, the best part was hanging out with the other speakers. Motivational. Inspirational. High Tech. Emotional Intelligence. Personality experts. A bunch of great people… it was a fun trip.

A couple of my favorites were there: Mike Rayburn and Michael C. Anthony. They are both total pros (and are in my 2nd book, Humor Us) and both of them did a great job. Mike is a comedian and killer musician, and Michael C. Anthony is a hypnotist, magician speaker, and just generally good guy. Both of them are fun and funny, and totally pros.

Married to your work? Abracadabra

Two of my favorite Colorado magicians are Connie Kolina–Elstun and Dave Elstun. Cool thing? They are married.

Can you imagine two magician’s married? They must have some seriously odd conversatons.

“Honey, have you seen my deck of cards?”
“Yes, dear. You left it by the rabbit cage. And next time you come home put your magic wand away…. You know how I hat it when you leave your props out.”

They are nice folks and great magicians. (Kim and I hired Connie to work for our kid’s day care, and Dave and I have been pals forever!)

Lynn Grasberg, another one of Colorado’s Motivational Speakers is up to something pretty cool. Check it out:

Women’s Economic Power Day
Saturday, November 19, 9 am – 7 pm, University Club 1673 Sherman St., Denver.

Isn’t it time for you to live BIG? Life Moxie presents a full day of skillshops, speakers, and schmoozing designed by and for women to provide the economic education, inspiration and confidence every woman needs at this critical point in her life. Lynn’s program is Fearless Speaking – to Promote Your Business. For more information, call 1.888.Ms.Moxie or go to www.lifemoxie.com.


The Impossible Happened. I didn’t show up.

I was in Florida speaking to the Air Force and just couldn’t get back. Get this: Two separate flights I was booked on cancelled. They didn’t just get delayed. They cancelled. One after the other.

It just doesn’t happen….well… it isn’t supposed to.

I was supposed to do a speech for the Colorado Information Management Association. But good news… my pal Scott Friedman (a pal and another Colorado based motivational humorist and speaker) was in town, and his heart is made of gold. He happily agreed to cover the job for me. I’m still not back in Denver yet, but from what I understand, he did his usual professional, first class job.

He saved the client. He saved me.

Thanks Scott! It’s wonderful to live in a world where friends can help each other out, help each other’s business out, and generally be on the same team? You think that just because Scott and I are both speakers that we compete against each other? Nope. Think again. We are on the same team.

(Actually, it is even better. Colorado Springs based funny motivational speaker Joseph Mitchelli also called and told me was ready to go. How cool is that?!)