Just heard from comedian Jeff Allen. He is a very funny fellow. We worked together in a comedy theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for 190 shows in three months. Felt like a life time.

Jeff has since gone to rock the Christian market (who knew there was a Christian market : ) and is just doing great.

He is a great talent. And a great comedian. Whether or not you are Christian, I think you’d enjoy his cd: Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Way to go Jeff!
comedians:  jeff allen

Laugh. And laugh some more.

I recently spent some time with a very old friend, Lindsey Pahs, in Las Vegas. (Nope, he isn’t a speaker… he is an educator.) What was really cool is that we laughed. And then we laughed some more. I cannot remember laughing MORE on any given day then they day we went golfing — neither of us golf — and then hit the casino bars in search of live entertainment.

It seemed like everything was funny. Humor was everywhere. But now with the benefit of hindsight, I’m convinced that the humor really came from friendship. We like and trust each other, and pretty much just decided to have a blast. And we did.

Here is a photo we made just for kicks. And, in case you are thinking it… our wives thought the photo was funny too. :)
las vegas butt photo
Humor and Friendship

The latest “Got Milk?” commercial hit a little too close to home for Major League Baseball. Poking fun at the league’s steroid scandal, the television ad for the California Milk Processor Board talks about a player getting pulled from a game “after testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance.”

In the next scene, a coach pulls a carton of milk from the slugger’s locker.

“There is nothing humorous about steroid abuse,” said Tim Brosnan, executive vice president for business for the league. “I would think that the California Milk Processor Board and their advertising agency would know better regarding an issue that threatens America’s youth.”

Thanks to Eric Mcerlain

Bob Larue is the current president of the Mile High Magician’s Society. He does a ton of good work for our club of magicians (and magic enthusiasts.)

Besides that, he is a darn good magician himself: one of Colorado’s best.

I like him for a ton of reasons… one of them is that he is smart, funny, and always one for trying new things.

He was a bit bothered by my blog posting about the publis magic show. Let it be said here: I meant no offense. Bob does great work. He’s one of my favorite Colorado magicians.

Thanks Bob!


At a recent showcase of Motivational Speakers I had the pleasure to meet speaker and health expert David Meinz. Darn this guy is cool! He speaks about how nutrition can help us not just with our weight and health, but with our quality of life.

And then he ties it in with a quality business message about increaased productivity, etc.

And besides, he is a really good guy. Why hire just ANY of the world’s thousands of motivational speakers when you can look just a tiny bit harder and get somebody who is as cool off the stage as they are on.

David rocks. Now…. pass the cookies.

I’ve been experimenting on my kids …. because I can.

I’m trying to find out how to make them laugh when they are crying.

Early returns are in and I’m amazed and thrilled that it is so easy to push them into hysterics when they are crying. They are MUCH easier to get laughing when they are crying then when they aren’t.

Amazing. What does it mean? No idea… what do YOU think?

I am a member of the Mile High Magician’s Society… a group of Colorado magicians and magic enthusiasts based in Denver, Colorado. It is a great group of people, a ton of magical talent. Mentors, friends, role models. There are many amateur magicians, many part time professional magicians, and a few of us pros.

They just did their annual fund raiser show. Seems to me like it was a short course in how not to promote anything.

I didn’t see the show, but understand it was filled with some great magicians. But what a shame…. almost no advertising. And what little advertising I saw failed to mention which magicians were featured, nor what type of magic these entertainers do.

I’m convinced in this world, a poster or announcement that says, “Magic Show” is pretty far from what it takes. People want personality, they want something unique, and they want it to be first class.

Lance Burton and David Copperfield brand themselves… not their “magic show.” They are more than a “magic show”…. they are an experience, and they market that.

The Colorado magicians club has a lot to learn, but it seems to me that it starts with a tiny lesson in marketing.

One of Las Vegas, Nevada’s funny and humorous motivational speakers is John Kinde. Yup, he is funny; but best of all, he seems like a good guy.

He has some great resources about humor techniques, speakers’ techniques, and other how-to infor that I think you’ll like. check him out at www.humorpower.com.

(And the good news is that he has generously arranged for us to post some of his articles on my site…. now that is a guy who knows the power of working together. Thanks John.)

I love this stuff….

Don’t you think this would make you THE funniest house on the block? Humor in your family? Yup…. would be hard to be mad and stressed when you are in this bathroom? Don’t you think?

funny bath room

I recently saw Colorado Magician Dave Elstun perform at my local library. I saw it advertised and was thrilled to take my kids and see this old friend perform.

He was great! He has always been a great guy and a one of Colorado’s most professional magicians. But still, I saw some extreme improvement in Dave. He was funny and relaxed. He was playful and in the moment.

And besides all of that… he is a darned good magician.

The real judge? My kids loved him.

Dave’s website is www.emagicpro.com