Amber Fry was the mistres of Scott Peterson, the man who murdered his wife and son.

So guess who is America’s newest motivational speaker? Yup, that same Amber Fry.

I’m almost sure that my job as a motivational speaker is safe. :)

Thanks to Bradon Staggs

Bon Jovi is a motivational speaker? Crazy idea, but it appealed to me.

Check out this entry from Motivational speaker Robin Sharma

Bon Jovi speaker

Here is an excerpt:

“…Back to Jon Bon Jovi. From what I can tell, he’s still around and doing great because he had an idea about what his music would be and where he could take it, and then he stayed focused on that mission. I’ve heard he’s faced some tough times (join the club). He didn’t give up. He didn’t play victim. He stayed strong and on course. He stayed true to his fans and himself. I like the guy. Hope he likes my other books.”

Nice Job Robin! I love the connection between motivation and pop culture.

Motivational speaker Vic Johnson posted a good story about a college kid athlete who loved the Lion King movie… with a surprise ending.

Basically, a reported asked the athlete about his favorite movie, which turned out to be the Lion King. After the reporter mocked the student, the student surprised everybody by having some awesome insights into the animated film.

Moral: Stick with what you believe.

My favorite movie? Herbie Rides Again.

Thanks Vic.

Steve Spangler is a guy with a great idea. He is selling somethin’ cool: Body Parts in a Jar.

Can you imagine how funny this thing would be on your desk? Think it would change the mood in the office? Might earn a couple of comments in your cubicle?
humor in the workplace photo.
Steve is an expert at making teachers be amazing. But this joke would be great in your office.

Humor in the workplace? Yup… just put your brain in a jar.

My wife I and 2 of our pals went to a Denver, Colorado comedy club to see some comedians last week. The show was great, but I noticed a really cool thing.

The four of us laughed all the way home. We were hooting and hollering for at least 30 minutes on the way home.

What’s my point? Laughter is a habit And laughter is contagious. Once you start, you keep going. And if you are around laughter, you end up laughing too.

What were were talking about? What was so funny? I couldn’t tell you. I can’t remember. But I do remember that it was a great time.

So start now… and laugh.

Need something to laugh at? Look here!

On the way back working for a teachers in-service for a bunch of educators and teachers, (I love being a education motivational speaker!)I got caught in a freak storm that shut down Colorado’s main highway. As the hotels were already full, I ended up in a Shelter (small church) opened by the Red Cross.

It gave me a terrific amount of insight on the evacu-gees from the Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita.

I learned a lot from my not so funny experience. First, I learned that as icky as it was for me — and it really stunk — I knew it was hundreds of times worse for the folks in Louisiana. I showed up to the shelter with a horrible headache, but I had plenty of food and water. I had never previously thought how the folks who showed up at the Super Dome and the Convention Center in New Orleans must have ARRIVED in fairly bad physical shape. They must have been exhausted, dehydrated, and hungry. And of course they must have been stressed out big time.

My experience was lousy, but at least I started out in pretty decent shape. They must have just been a wreck. I was in a huge room filled with 80 very LOUD snorers. Sleeping on the main floor in the center court of the Super Dome with 800 loud snorers must have been hell.

And of course I was only in the Shelter for about 24 hours, and knew all along that my stay was temporary. I had plenty of hope for things getting better in the near future. Which of course is very different from those in Louisiana.

I had a horrible experience… it wasn’t fun, I felt lousy, and I generally had an icky time. And of course I was in great shape. But the good news is that I knew (and learned first hand) just how humor-less our Southern neighbors had it.

You Just Gotta Laugh!

I spoke today with one of my favorite corporate comedians, David Naster. He is a funny, clean and very smart guy. We’ve been friends for years. We were talking about clients who want a comedian speaker who can help their groups laugh at change. (I swear, half of my clients want me to be a funny change speaker :)

He made a great point: most people LIKE change. We like new restaurants, new clothes, and new ideas. What most of our clients really want us to speak about is FEAR. People are afraid of the results that their change might bring; fear about losing our job, losing our benefits; fear about layoffs; fear that, for example, a new software program will make our jobs harder.

It is a subtle point, but I think David was right on. Need a comedian speaker or a motivational change speaker? Maybe not.t Maybe you need somebody to put fear into a funny perspective.

Thanks David.

Read about my work as a corporate comedian here.

Not convinced? Read about my work as a change motivational speaker.

Clown Noses at Work

At a very recent date where I was a California Motivational Speaker in San Jose, California for the HRD Network we talked about the importance of Humor In the Workplace. One of the many examples I gave them was regarding clown noses, and how they can use them at work to keep the humor and laughter going.

I talked about, for example, how when they wear a clown nose while speaking on the phone with a difficult customer they can keep a smile on their face. (Because after all, isn’t it impossible to let even the most difficult customer upset us when we are wearing a clown nose?) And best of all, since the customer cannot see that we are wearing the clown nose they have no idea that we are “dissing them!”

Anyway, I just got the most wonderful photo and note:
clown nose photograph
“Hi Brad – I thought you’d like to see how we applied your Ordinary Magic! You were right, life and work is more fun when you can laugh with others.

Thanks for making the HRD Network fun and funny.

Administration and Finance Director
MyDAS, Inc.

Thanks MyDAS for making my day. And thanks for proving that a little playfulness with clown noses can’t change your whole life, but it can certainly change your day. (And, if you change enough days….. : ) )

Motivational Speakers and Hurricanes
I just interviewed Motivational Speaker Bruce Wilkinson for a chapter in our upcoming book featuring chapters from motivational speakers from across the nation. Bruce has an amazing story: he hails from New Orleans and has only this week been allowed back to see IF he has anything left. (It turns out he does — his home and office were damaged but he considers himself lucky.) I couldn’t wait to ask him if he was able to adopt and use the lessons he teaches from the stage about positive attitudes and humor, and I was surprised and amazed how successfully he did just that.

It’s a long interview…. you’ll have to get the book. : ) But the long and short of it is that yes, he was able to stay postive and upbeat. And the reason why he did that is because he quickly learned that the more he “gave” in positivism the more he got back. In other words, Bruce told me that being positive helped him to stay positive. By giving hope where there was only hopelessness he was able to nurture his own sense of hope.

He is an amazing guy. With an amazing story.

Motivational Inspirational Speaker


I recently spoke to a bunch of partners and managers for the Colorado office of KPMG. Managers, partners, and a few support staff. They have had a tough year and needed a funny speaker to:
1. Make ’em laugh.
2. Give ’em a bit of motivational perspective about the upcoming year — and it’s fantastic opportunity.

The program was fun and well received. But for me the best part was the story of a young manager who came up to me after the speech and told me that this speech was especially relevant to him because it reminded him of a story from his college days.

It seems that he spent a semester abroad and returned to his college just as his classmates were in final exam week. They were tense and nervous about a huge exam. On a lark, he went to the exam too.

His friends knew what he was up to but many of his acquaintances knew him but hadn’t necessarily known that he just returned from a semester in Europe. They asked him, “Are you in this class? I haven’t seen you in here all semester!”

“Oh yeah,” he answered. ” I was busy, but I’m in the class. I missed a bunch but I’m here now.”

About 15 minutes after they started the exam, he threw up his hands and yelled, “I can’t do it! I can’t take it.” He ran down to the professor, tossed the exam to her and said, “The pressure is too much! I can’t take it! I’m a failure!”

(He had put the name “JOE KERR” on the test.)

The class was horrified. The professor was confused. His friends were (silently) cracking up.

After a few minutes, the professor said, “Ya know, I think that was a practical joke.” Eventually, the entire class laughed.

Good story, but it gets better: it turns out that MANY people approached this student later that day and week to THANK him for helping them relax and focus on the test. It turns out that many folks (with the benefit of hindsight) realized that they were way too uptight to excel on the exam. But the goofyness of the practlcal joke helped to pop the “stress balloon and enabled them to concentrate just on the test.

How ’bout that? Humor in action? Humor that helped managed stress? Laughter with a purpose? You bet!

Thanks KPMG!