He’s gonna be huge.

Rory Vaden is a young Colorado Motivational Speaker with a huge potential. He is charming, talented, funny, and charismatic. And one day very soon he’s gonna be a top motivational speaker. Promise. His site is Disipline Dynamic.

Trick. Magician’s Tricks, to be exact.

Andy Hickman is a very good motivational speaker. I’m flattered to include a chapter by this Texas – based speaker in my book Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

But of course I’m biased; because like me Andy uses magic. He’s a magician motivational speaker.

He uses magic and magic tricks to make and emphasize his points. He uses his skills as a magician to create a rich and diverse program. Like me he uses magicians’ tricks to entertain while he delivers motivation and inspiration.

Besides… he is a good guy.

Texas Motivational Magician Speaker

Recently I worked on a project with Craig Zablocki. He is a very funny Colorado motivational and inspirational speaker. In short, the project was to create some great film to be edited and shown at a National Speakers Association conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our plan was to do some man-on-the–street interviews and just see where it led. We did have some ideas, but were eager to try it out and see where it led.

Well, where it led was to hilarity. And I gotta say, Craig was a big part of our success. He had NO qualms about going up to people (with the camera on) and just making up crazy stuff, giving them short (and mock) motivational speeches, and generally trying ANYTHING for a laugh.

Craig is a good guy, and a funny speaker. And I’m glad he’s a good friend. And yup-, Craig is also in my first books, Humor Me: America’s funniest humorists on the Power of Laughter.

Colorado Motivational Speakers

One of my favorite corporate comedians and motivational speakers is Mark Mayfield. Based in Kansas City, Kansas, Mark is nice guy with an awesome sense of humor.

Mark has a chapter in my first book, Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter…. which he calls Mirthmaking. The gist of the chapter is that sometimes it is up to us to find and create our own humor.

Mark is a great speaker; and funny too.

I was thinking of him recently due to the fact that we are so close to halloween. Mark advices us that halloween is an opportunity for EVERYBODY to have a bit of fun. He thinks we all ought to dress up; not just the kids.

It’s hard to be ticked off or freaking out about troubles at the office when you are dressed as a scarecrow, or a witch, or … whatever.

I like his point. I totally agree that we all need to search for more times for us to “play.” And halloween is an excellent chance for us all.

Can you imagine how showing up to the board meeting dressed up as a ghost would change the mood at work? Think your staff could use a pick-me-up? Then show up as a farmer and prove that you have a personality. : )

More Humor in the Workplace articles

Tim Gard is a funny speaker. Like me, he is a Colorado based motivational humorist and comedian speaker. Like me, he helps folks deal use humor to better deal with the stresses of the business, and the difficulties of everyday life.

Tim is a good pal, and I love his main point. He advices his audiences to try to see the funny in our lives… by tuning into our Comic Visions.

I love that he has put a name to the process.

Tim’s a great humorist witha funny and valuable message. Thanks Tim.

Tim is a co-author of Humor Me: America’s funniest humorists on the Power of Laughter.

Colorado Humorous Motivational Speaker

Or so says my friend Dr. Brad Neider. Brad is a very funny Colorado humorist and speaker who happens to be a medical doctor. It’s been fun to be friends with guy; he is smart, he is funny, and he is just plain good at his speaker job. He bills hiimself as the Healthy Humorist.

His comedian niche is to be a speaker who more or less makes fun of the entire health care system. And since he is a medical doctor, his take is pretty darned funny.

One of my favorite jokes comes from Brad. I don’t have it exactly right, but it is something like, ‘Humor is the best medicine. Unless you’ve recently had your kidney removed. In that case morphine is the best medicine.”

He is a funny health care speaker. And a Colorado pal to boot.

(No idea what “to boot” means, but my Granny assures me it is something like, “also.”)

Brad is part of my first book, Humor Me: America’s funniest humorists on the power of laughter.

Health Care Speaker and Humorist
Colorado Humorist and comedian

June Cline is a very funny motivational speaker, and a good pal.

She also has a charming southern accent, in spite of the fact that she now lives in Arizona. (Ok, she USED to be from Georgia.)

I was struck recentlly by how good this humorist is at using humor in her phone messages. Whenever she leaves me a message, her tone and her words cannot but help to make me smile. Even her outgoing message is filled with humor and a sense of lightness.

She is a fun person to be with, and she makes that clear when she is communicating by phone.

And when she leaves her trademarked closing, “Love ya. Mean it.” on your machine, you just feel great.

I think there is a lesson in that for all of us. If you are in a “relationship business,” (and who isn’t) don’t you think that adding a healthy dollup of humor to YOUR phone messages (ingoing and out going) makes sense?

You don’t have to leave a knock knock joke. Just soften your tone and put a smile on your face.

And I DARE you NOT to leave the standard boring greating: I’m not in right now. Please leave a message at the tone.”

June is a master at humor and phone skills. Some of her wisdom is in her chapter in my first book, Humor Me: America’s funniest humorist on the power of laughter.

Arizona Motivational Speakers

Georgia Motivational Speakers

Can you imagine using this bad boy to escape you next meeting? “Sorry Boss! Gotta Go!”

The GEN-H4, a compact single-seat helicopter, developed by the GEN Corporation, is equipped with a miniature engine of 125cc (8 horse power) and two propellers. The GEN-H4 can reach a top flying speed of 90 km (56 miles) per hour. Right now it’s selling for 3.6M yen but if you want you can take a demo flight as well as a training course.

You don’t have to look far for humor. Do you like these?

Sign on an elevator in West Chester University
Shared by Alex C.

In case of fire do not use elevator, use water.

Sign in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Shared by “Jollyfolk”

For those who wont take life sitting down

Sign from a Dentist’s Office
Shared by Marcella

Pain Free. Any other services, we charge
Any other Services, we charge

One of my favorite comedians is Eddie Izzard. My grandmother thinks he a bit weird (he dresses a bit… er… non-traditional). But he is hilarious. So smart. So funny. And in most ways, clean. (He does use some curse words, true, and so he’d never work for a corporate audience. But still, I think he is funny.)

Hearing him talk about simple things like cats, doing the laundry, and how pears seem to ripen suddenly and then spring into “rotten” is just great. What an awesome comedian.