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Jim Wilson President, Craneware

Hi, I’m Jim Wilson. I’m the President of Craneware. And we just got finished with a session where we used Brad Montgomery as our motivational speaker and it was absolutely the right tone. The fun that he brought to the group; the attitude that he created with all of the people who are out in the room. You know you reach a point during a conference where everything gets a little flat and people are tired of looking at power points and all those types of things to bring in somebody that can lift the spirits of that team, get everybody excited about what we’re doing and get them ready for the next thing they do that’s probably going to be boring is just, it was perfect. The tone was right, the message was exactly right. He took a little bit of time to learn about who we are, how we fit into our industry, who some of our competition was. And it was; I couldn’t say enough about the job that he did for us in the very short period of time that he was with us. So, thank you again very much Brad and you’re welcome to call me if you’d like a recommendation.

Ann Marie Brown Vice-President of Marketing, Craneware

Hi, I’m Ann Marie Brown; I’m the Vice-President of Marketing for Craneware. And Brad just finished his presentation for us and it was really fabulous. I know I looked at lots of, lots of different people to come speak at our conference and finding Brad was the best thing we could’ve done. He really took the time to learn about our organization and incorporate that into the presentation. He was right on in his messaging. Everyone left with a great attitude and had a great time. And so we are so thankful that he was with us today. Thanks.

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