"So Funny! ...Blew the other business speakers out of the water."

- McCormick & Schmick Restaurants

Pre-Engagement Questionnaire

Thanks for your help. These questions will help Brad to give you the best program possible. This stuff isn’t meant to be homework; it’s Brad’s desire to tailor his programs to fit your group. The more specific details are, the better!

Here is a good rule of thumb: if this stuff isn’t obvious to at least 65% or 75% of the group it isn’t appropriate and you can skip the question. In order to be helpful – and funny– it has to apply to (at least most of) the entire group. (Note: Brad often works with groups where many of these questions don’t apply.If you feel any of these questions don’t fit your group, just skip it. No sweat.)

Warning: All of this info helps me to better understand your group. But it is very hard to know what information in advance will make it into the program. It is impossible to predict at the beginning of the process where the jokes will come from. But please understand that all of your effort is appreciated and – with any luck at all – we’ll find plenty of fodder for the program. Finally: thanks! I’m glad to be on your team, and really appreciate your help to give it my best shot. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to call us at 800.624.4280.

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Name of your Organization?

How many people will be in the audience?

What will they be wearing?

How will they be seated?

Is there anything Brad should NOT mention? Upcoming layoffs? Etc?

Name a specific CHALLENGE they face. Please be VERY specific. Use process names, software names, etc.

Name a specific TASK they hate. Please be VERY specific. Use process names, software names, etc.

Name a specific GROUP or organization (or person?) they hate. Please be VERY specific.

What changes are they going through?

What small things might your group gripe about... after their third beer! DIG DEEP!

If you had a magic want, what changes would you make?

What can Brad as an outsider, that you cannot? Here's your big chance; you've hired a professional speaker.... take advantage. what is it that your people need to hear!

If we ask the audience what they think YOU need to hear from THEM, what would they say?

Most clients are interested in providing a learning resource, such as a book, a Humor Took Kit, or a CD to their attendees to extend the Brad’s message beyond the event itself. Would you be interested in learning more about this?

Most clients ask Brad to make his books and recordings available for purchase. Would you like Brad to set up a table of these resources to sell?


Brad should by an airline ticket to what airport?

Ground Transport? How Should Brad Get to Your Venue?

Please provide your cell or another emergency contact number Brad can use the day before and the day of the event.

Is there anything we should know but didn't ask? Anything you need from us? Anything we should know about you, your people, or organization or event? What did we fail to ask?

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