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Brad Rocked the Texas House

Brad recently spoke with the leadership team of a large hospital in Tyler, Texas.   Mary Mother of Francis Hospital asked Brad to make them laugh— but more importantly — teach a seminar about how levity, lightheartedness and even humor can have a positive impact on health care and on leadership.

Check out this testimonial video from Brad’s meeting planner:

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Brad Montgomery
Health Care Speaker, Funny Guy, Fan of Tyler Texas

Prefer to see the Testimonials on YouTube?
Health Care Speaker video testimonial
Health Care Speaker from the University of Texas Health System
Another Health Care Speaker video testimonial from the University of Texas Health System
Texas Health Care Speaker Testimonial from Mary Mother of Francis Hospital

South Carolina Rural Health Care Association Video Testimonial
One more Testimonial From the Rural Health Care Association
Brad spoke recently to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.  See the video of Brad as a Hospice Health care speaker here.
YouTube Testimonial from Kaiser Permanente Palliative Care
Hospice Speaker testimonial from Haven Hospice in Florida
Hospice and Health Care speaker for Kaiser Blog

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55 Seconds of What No Other Speaker Will Let You See

In less than one minute I will show you what you’ve never seen from another pro speaker.

I can’ think of another speaker would expose themselves like this video exposes me.   Would you show the world your mistakes?

What do you think?  Leave a comment below.

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Comedian, Flubber-Upper

Latest Motivational Video

Looking for a magician speaker or a magician motivational speaker? Pick me baby!

Seriously, we’ve got some news. We have started editing several preview videos of my latest stuff… everything from team building to networking to… of course my work as a motivational speaker.

This first video focuses on one of my niches, as a Magician Speaker.

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Brad’s Magician Speaker Keynote: Ordinary Magic

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An audio CD of Brad’s Magician Speaker program
Related Links:
Magician Speaker on YouTube:
Ordinary Magic: One of Brad’s popular magician speaker keynotes.
Article about why use a magician speaker.
Presto Chango: Brad’s magician speaker keynote where he talks about a magician’s guide to laughing at change.
An audio CD of Brad’s Magician Speaker program

American Olean Shout Out

hand squeaker

How to hold your squeaker

I was recently a motivational speaker in Oklahoma laughing and playing with some good folks for American Olean. (They make tile…lot’s of it. Trust me, you’ve seen their work.) (They had a very cool event for some of their top folks and wanted to end the day with a very funny motivational speaker. Aw shucks!) I spoke at the end of a long day of learning…. my job was to pick up the energy in the room, send them out with more energy than they came in with, and to give them some nuggets to keep tile fun. (Yes, that’s the first time I’ve ever typed that.)

Here’s a surprise follow up video, complete with instructions about how to use a hand squeaker. (American Olean sent all these good people squeakers…now let’s get you up to speed on how to use it right!)

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More instructions about how to use your hand squeaker here.

Shop for hand squeakers.

Check out my motivational speaker home.

Can You Motivate From Mexico?

Well, I’ve moved my family down to Mexico for a year.  A working sabbatical.   Only with more beer. Here’s the first of many videos about the journey. : )

We’ve been down here a month….not yet in a routine yet, but getting there.

Hey clients!  Don’t freak out… I’m still working!   I’ve already flown to the States twice (and am in fact writing this post from North Carolina.)  Oddly — and wonderfully — it’s as cheap or cheaper to fly from here as it is from Colorado.    So…don’t fret… I’ll be there. : )

Why the trip? Why Mexico? Why the whole family? I’m currently living in Mexico.

Mexican School Shoes

We brought our kids to Mexico for the school year.. We live in a Mexican town, and put the kids in a Mexican school. (Spanish speaking, of course.)

We’re in search of adventure, perspective, and language skills. I speak to my audiences so often as a motivational speaker I thought it was about time that I put myself through some drastic change myself. We found plenty: new culture, new language, new school, new house. New everything. Lot’s of change

We’re all learning Spanish. The kids are learning faster than we are, which is sort of funny.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.

For you non-video types, here is the transcript of the video:
Brad Montgomery from with episode 1 of Brad and Kim take their family to Mexico.

So we’re on the way to Mexico and we’re at the coolest place, which I think, I hope, is a metaphor for the whole trip. So Kim and I were lost, we missed our exit, we were tense, and then suddenly we’re lost and we’re looking for a place to pee and guess what we found? We found this place out; we’re in a place called Santa Rosa. Since we’re studying Spanish, we call it Santa Rosa, New Mexico, and we found this cool little lake. So we jumped out, we all put our suits on, we jumped in the water, we’re swimming, we’re laughing, we’re playing, everyone feels good again. We got some exercise, it’s all happy.

What’s the point? I think that the point is is that by taking the risks and giving ourselves a chance to get lost we ended up finding something that we never would have expected to find. I doubt we could find it again. Yet, it’s totally, wildly cool.

So, that’s going to be, I hope, the metaphor for us. What other risks can we take? Getting lost probably will work out great. Good day, so it works out great.

What are you doing to get lost and take some risks on purpose? Take care, see you next time.

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How To Be A Motivational Speaker (Part 8) Be Authentic

How To be A Motivational Speaker | Find your Niche Can Make You Rich

A How-To video series about how to be a motivational speaker.   In this very informal video in which Brad Montgomery — a funny motivational speaker — Brad asks fellow motivational speaker and Colorado speaker Elaine Dumler for a killer tip for folks on their way to being a paid professional speaker.    She offers up some excellent advice about being yourself on the platform — something that is very hard to do, but is crucial for your success as a speaker.

Check out the video:

How to be a Comedian

Interested in learning how to use humor in your presentation? Check out Brad’s Got Mirth: Milking Your Presentation for all the Humor It’s Worth.

Learn more about how to be a motivational speaker with my how-to audio

Blog Posts:
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Part 7: How to Be a Motivational Speaker — Find A Niche to Make you Rich
Part 8: Be a Professional Speaker — Be Authentic On the Platform

On YouTube
Part 1. Find a Speaker Mentor
Part 2. Choose a Correct Motivational Topic (on YouTube)
How to be a Motivational Speaker
(3) on YouTube
Adding Humor (1) The Act Out (On YouTube)
Adding Humor (2): Give the Audience a Voice (on YouTube)
Adding Humor (3) What to Do When Your Humor Bombs (YouTube)
Part 7: How To be a Speaker — Find a Niche
Part 8: How to be a Motivational Speaker — Be Authentic on the Platform

More interested in reading than going to YouTube?   We’ve got your back!  Check out this transcription….

How to be a Motivational Speaker – Part 8 (Elaine Dumler on Authenticity)

Brad Montgomery:         Hi, this is Brad Montgomery from with the continuing series on how to be a motivational speaker.  As I said before, I don’t know – I don’t have all the expertise, but I know people who do and we’re looking at ****my pal, Elaine Dumler.  Elaine Dumler is a college speaker who speaks nationally to everybody, but specializes in military audiences and today she’s going to tell us at least one tip about how to be a motivational speaker.  Go Elaine!

Elaine Dumler:         I think the best thing that you have to always remember to do when you’re speaking, especially if you’re working to motivate other people, is you’ve got to be real.  I think a lot of times we see speakers on the platform who are not the same person as they are maybe off having a beer, a cup of coffee or something.  You have to be who you are.  You want that type of connection and rapport that comes from just being your true self on the platform and letting you come out in everything that you do.  I think that’s what makes you someone that someone wants to listen to.  And if you’re going to add humor, and kind of make it funny, or you know, work kind of natural humor into it, it has to come from who you are.  And if it doesn’t come from your heart, then I don’t know where it’s coming from.

Brad Montgomery:         I think – thank you, Elaine – being you is important.  That’s why when I’m a motivational speaker, I always strive to be Elaine Dumler.  All right.  More tips on how to be a motivational speaker.  Stay tuned.  Thanks, Elaine.

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Child Protective Services Speaker

I just got back from Texas where I was the motivational speaker for a group of social workers for the Child Protection Services.  These are the good people who look out for kids who need it most:  kids in physical danger.  They oversee way too many cases of abused and neglected kids, and do their best to get them into safe situations.

This group was especially fun for me because right now I’m a foster parent.  I’m one of the families these people — ok, actually their peers in Colorado — work with on a day to day basis.

Check out this video I made about them:

My familiarity — in such an intimate way — with foster care made this event special for two reasons.  First, the audience knew I wasn’t bluffing when I said, “I understand.”   Audiences crave authenticity in their motivational speakers, and because I have two foster kids myself, it was easy for me to be direct and honest.   Second, because of my familiarity with “The System” it made for some REALLY funny jokes.  I could joke in VERY specific ways about their jobs, their stresses, and their joys.

Thanks Texas Foster Care System (Children and Family Services!)  It was my absolute pleasure.

Mobile Post: Posted on-the-go by Brad Montgomery from his iPhone.


For those who prefer to read, here is a transcript of the video:

This is Brad Montgomery from  What a really cool afternoon we had.  So I’m still in Texas, but today we worked for Child Protective Service of Texas.

This is a government agency entrusted with dealing with kids who need help, kiddos in foster care and protecting kids who are in danger. I love doing this for a million reasons, but one of the things I love most is, some of you might know, I’m a foster dad right now.  We’ve got two little foster girls and it’s a lot of work.

One of the things we’ve learned is the social workers involved, the peers of the people I just spoke with, are really, really hardworking people working in a system that doesn’t get enough support, is under-funded, is under-trained, and if it wasn’t for these people, these kids would be suffering.  So it was my delight, I was totally flattered to deliver not just a motivational speech, which we did, and not just an inspirational speech, which we did, but also a message of appreciation because these social workers work hard and rarely get a thank you.  So we made them laugh and we made them laugh hard and we did all the things we were supposed to do as a motivational speaker, but the best part for me was as a foster dad, is to be able to look them in the eye and say it and mean it; thanks for all you do for foster children as Child Protection Service social workers.

So we were in Wichita Falls, Texas for about 160 people, absolute total blast.  Folks, keep up the good work, you’re doing amazing things.  It’s a pleasure to be your motivational speaker, and keep your eyes out for those kiddos; they need your help and you’re making a difference.  Thanks!

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Boeing Likes Me! (But still no Space Station)

boeing image logoIf I were trying to pick one motivational speaker among many, I’d want to know:
1. Are they really funny? (Or do they just say they are?)

2. Will my group or organization feel like he “gets” us? Or is he just presenting the same old crap to my audience he delivered last month at the Rotary Club?

3. And finally, I would want to make sure he can provide a LONG list of recent and very happy clients. Seriously…they gotta be recent, they have to be real, and they need to rave.

And frankly, it’s kinda cool — though not a deal breaker — if your potential motivational speaker has spoken groups you’ve actually heard of.

Well…lucky me, because here is a video taken of the Boeing meeting planner in St. Louis Missouri where I recently presented a keynote. (It was 2 hours….so it was sort of a keynote speech on steroids.) It went well, the group was fabulous, and here’s VK with her words right after the speech.

Do you need a motivational speaker? Whether or not you create Space Shuttles, Space Stations or fighter jets, I’d love to help your team get to be where they need to be, and to energize your meeting. Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
Missouri Motivational Speaker, Humor in the Workplace Expert, Fan of Boeing

For you readers, here’s a transcription of the video:
He far exceeded our expectations. It was funny and he was able to give us tips that we can use every day and we would definitely like to have him back.

He talked with me about our day to day job and what we do and he was able to use that and be relevant within his presentation and really talk about things that related with the audience and what they would need for their jobs and things they can relate to. And compared to other presenters, he did an awesome job at bringing humor in and really keeping it relevant. People enjoyed it but they did walk away with some really great information and tips that they can use.

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Flew on Airbus to Speak to Boeing

boeing image logoHey Boeing!   It was a total blast to be part of your event in St. Louis.   As a surprise to you, (How Cool is That!?) here’s a brief follow-up video to remind you of some of the fun stuff we covered when we were together on Last Tuesday.

Here’s an ethical bribe:   leave a comment (scroll down and leave it below) and tell us what YOU are doing or thinking differently based on our time together and I’ll send you a gift.  No silly….not a crystal bowl.  But it’s fun.  It’s free.  And it’s my treat.

Here’s a very casual (which translates to “I made it with my phone!”)  video I created in the St. Louis airport just for you.  Thanks again… and don’t forget to comment.  Cheers and thanks.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.

Thanks Boeing.  It was my distinct pleasure!

Have a great day….. and don’t forget the bribe:   leave a comment below about what you learned and are doing differently and I’ll send you a treat!

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For those of you who prefer to read, here is a transcription:
Hi friends it’s Brad Montgomery from  I put together a special video just for you because I wanted to thank you for all of your time and attention today.  But also to remind you of what we covered today because I know since then you’ve had some difficult times, you’ve had like what, 10,000 emails, all kinds of emergencies, let’s see if we can’t remind you how to connect happiness to your bottom line.  Because remember the concept was that if we enjoy our time at the link we are going to be better and more productive and more efficient, more effective at Boeing.  So how do we do that? You know how.  Remember all that fun we had this morning?  The laughing and the joking and the carrying on, that feeling is to go, you’re job is to bring it back home and especially bring it back to Boeing because it will make it you better and because you know how.

Here’s the 3 points we covered this morning.  First, I want you to find happiness. Find things that remind you that life is good. I mean how cool is it to work for Boeing?  You’re involved with the space shuttle. You know, you see planes landing every single day that you guys have a piece of supporting. How cool is that?  How cool is it that you just finished up a really cool administrative admin week, how cool is that?  How cool is it that you’re getting a reminder video from a guy, Brad Montgomery that you’ve already forgotten about?  How cool is that?  I’m at the airport in St. Louis getting ready to take off to go home and it’s going to be a Boeing plane. Woo Hoo! How cool is that!? So the first step is a gratitude piece, find things that remind you that life is good.

The second step is a choice. I want you to choose happy, think happy.  Remember that if you want to enjoy your life at home and especially your life at work, part of the equation is deciding that you want to enjoy your time at Boeing. So either that has to be a conscious decision, do you want to have a good time or not? I’m thinking you do. I want to make sure you make that conscious decision.

Now finally, there’s an active piece. You’ve got to be physically active in doing something that creates levity, light-heartedness, joy, humor, fun at work. So I don’t know what this means for you. Maybe it means you really do put a magnet in your coffee cup and drive around St. Louis or maybe it just means you make a point to bring some humor to work. You play at work, you put a clown nose on, I don’t care, do something. Whatever it is, do something.

Finally, I just wanted to remind you how much I appreciated being part of it. It was very cool to be in the Boeing building with you guys in St. Louis.  It was very fun to be your motivational speaker, but the coolest part was watching your faces start from kind of serious and busy and over-worked and end where you ended just feelings to go.  You people deserve it, you’ve been working hard.  Life has not been easy lately and I know you guys work hard at Boeing, you deserve to really enjoy it. So find happy, choose happy, act happy.

There’s more stuff at including a bribe.  All right, so here’s the bribe, if you leave a comment, there’s a button, I don’t know where the buttons are.  Look down, there’s a button and leave a comment and tell me what specific thing are you doing or thinking differently based on our time together.  If you tell me what you’re doing or thinking differently, what I’ll do is I’ll send you a gift.  No, it’s not a Ford Explorer. No, it’s not a space shuttle.  But it’s cool and it’s my treat and all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what you’re doing differently based on our time together.

All right, thank you so much, if you have any questions or comments let me know. You can contact me through the website right here and really thank you so much, just an absolute pleasure to be part of it.  Have a great day Boeing.  Thanks Admins.

I Killed at Kaiser Palliative Care Department

palliativeOk. That’s not funny. Yes it is. Well… it depends.

Humor is relative. (No, I don’t mean your relative is funny. I mean that what is funny to some people in some circumstances isn’t funny to others, and that’s OK.)

I recently spoke in Colorado for the Kaiser Permanente Palliative Care department. We had nurses, doctors, administrators, chaplains, and hospice partners… the whole team gathered for a day of celebration and a much needed dose of perspective—through humor.

This is hard-working team of health care professional who are constantly dealing with a difficult heavy job. And, judging by the laughter and volume from this particular group they really needed a break.

So we laughed. We joked about everything from what was served for lunch, to the party going on upstairs, to the fact that they had an off-site on a Saturday. But we also joked about the difficult and serious parts of their jobs. We even joked about death, hospice, and used a bit of black humor. (Maybe not black, but certainly kpvery dark brown.)

In my job as a comedian motivational speaker, I’ve found that the groups with the most grizzly occupations are the quickest ones to joke about stuff that makes most of us blanch. Cops, firemen, ER nurses, — and hospice and palliative care folks not only joke about stuff that many people would find “crosses the line” of good taste, they HAVE to joke about it. It helps keep them healthy.

Humor helps with stress. And folks super stressful jobs will often turn to gallows humor to help them stay sane.

So, after agreeing that the jokes would “stay in the room,” we went for it. And the laughter followed.

Often people complain about humor that is “in bad taste” without understanding that often that humor is “in good health.” I once worked for a bunch of intensive care nurses who finally put up a plaque outside of the ICU that said something like, ‘If you see us laughing please know that this is not evidence that we are taking the care of your loved ones less seriously. It’s our way of dealing with the stress that is inherent with this job. And in the end, our laughter helps us provide the care that your family deserves.” Brilliant. Beautiful.

Back to Kaiser: I was impressed with how quickly this group was to laugh. But as I lead them through some exercises to help them connect humor and levity to increasing their ability to provide care and to serve their folks — and how keeping themselves sane in the end serves their patients, I was amazed at how quickly they got to the point.

In other words, this audience didn’t just run through the humor in the workplace exercises and try to move on. They lingered. They enjoyed. And they went deep. I think I might have learned as much as they did. Scratch that…. I definitely learned from them.

Thanks Kaiser Palliative Care. It was my absolute pleasure.

Are you looking for a health care motivational speaker, or palliative care / hospice speaker? I’d love to be your speaker. Go to the contact page now.

Brad Montgomery
Palliative Care Speaker, Hospice Speaker, and Fan if Kaiser Palliative Health

Hospice video on YouTube
Kaiser Health Care Speaker video on Youtube
Sex, Beer and Death : A blog being a speaker for another Hospice organization
Funny Health Care Speaker home on my main website.

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