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Corporate Emcee? Nope. “Content Weaver”

I’m not an emcee.  I’m a content weaver.

Yup, a corporate emcee is a valuable addition to your conference.  We keep the energy going.  We set up the audience so they are ready to LEARN from the next speaker.  We are there to make sure the pacing is good. And that we stay on time.

But wouldn’t be it be cooler if your emcee did more?  What if they connected the dots for your attendees — helping them to make sense of the information they are receiving by connecting the General Session to the 2nd Breakout to the Closing Session?

That’d be funny.  That’d be useful.  That’d be a great idea.  That’s be…me.

Content Weaver is what we call it.  Check out this short video to explain.

Looking for a motivational business speaker who can ALSO be a Content Weaving (and very funny) emcee?  Need a master of ceremonies your people will love?  Give us a call at 303.691.0726 and we’ll talk about how to make your meeting as successful as it deserves to be.  

What is a Corporate Emcee / Master of Ceremonies


A corporate emcee, MC or master of ceremonies is a person who officiates at events such as weddings, social functions and other corporate events. The work of an emcee is an exciting one and anyone interested in this line of work should know several things in order to do the job effectively and efficiently. He should be able to know the specific roles related to the job so that he can be able to oversee the progress of the event smoothly and without any hitches. Some of the practices that an emcee should keep in mind are:

  • Know your role

A corporate emcee should be able to recognise his role and be able to carry his responsibilities Brad-Montgomery-Fullaccordingly. Not only should he be aware of his tasks but should also be able to connect his roles with the specific event he’s officiating.

  • Know the speakers and introduce them accordingly

A good emcee should know each of the speakers at the event by name and by face so that he can be able to introduce them to the audience without mistakes or errors.

  • Know the schedule and keep the event on schedule

A good master of ceremonies should keep time and ensure that the event goes on smoothly and seamlessly. He should be able to adjust breaks and event transitions when he realises that the event is behind schedule.

  • Know the content of the event

The role of an emcee is not confined to introductions of speakers only. A good emcee should be knowledgeable on the subject matter of the event so that he can connect with the program and even comment appropriately

  • Know the audience

The age group and the type of audience at the event should be kept in mind by an emcee so that he can present the program and any other activities accordingly.

  • Keep the audience energized

A good corporate emcee should be able to read the mood of the audience and be able to make them focused on the event. He should be able to integrate an energizing activity when the attendees become too bored and calm them down when they are too excited.

  • Tie everything together

The role of an emcee is to ensure that all programs at the event progress smoothly and the sequence of the programs is seamless.

When an aspiring emcee keeps all this in mind, then he is sure of delivering a seamless event program and thereby increasing his prospects as a successful emcee.

Brad Montgomery is a business speaker and emcee.  He uses hard-hitting humor (and his dashing good looks) to make sure that your people stay engaged.  He works with you to geset up your ENTIRE meeting for success?  Looking for an emcee to energize your audience?  Like to get the most out of your motivational speaker by having him double up as the MC?  Yay.  I like that too.  Give us a call at 303.691.0726 and we’ll plan how to customize and event just for you.

What One Speaker Does For Fun (You’ll Be Surprised)

Some of you know that before I became a business speaker I was a professional magician. Although I don’t do magic anymore – or at least extremely rarely – on the platform, I still consider myself a magician.

For something fun check out this video of a magic trick I was playing with. I think it’s cool. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

What Prom Can Teach Us (About Expectations)

Here’s a specific happiness technique you can incorporate today:

Have as few expectations about the future as possible. 

The problem with having expectations about our future is that they often undermine success.



To oversimplify things, we have two expectations about the future.  Either it’s some level of fear, e.g.  “I’m anxious about this,”  or  “I’m worried about the upcoming event,” or we have over-blown optimistic expectations, (“This year’s vacation will be the best ever!” or  “When I get the raise I’ll be incredibly happy.”)   The crazy thing is that both styles of expectations are unhelpful to us.

Clearly, having fear (or even mild concerns) about the future sets up up poorly.  (And the worrying doesn’t help either.)  But having super positive expectations is problematic too.  Rarely are our super positive expectations met — hello dissappointment.

Example 1: High School Prom

Let’s talk about specifics.  Let’s talk Prom.  Every movie about High School has a perfect prom.  The decorations, the music, the friendship, the tender slow dance and that awesome kiss with the right person at the perfect time with the EPIC soundtrack.  So when our non-Hollywood kids head to prom, the expectations are high.  They’ve planned, spent more money than they have (“Thanks Dad!”), and staged elaborate photo shoots. They are pumped!

She expected nothing other than “It’s gonna be fun.”  What a great approach.


But realistically how do these real prom experiences work out?  Usually there is friend drama, many of the kids are on first dates with kids they barely know, often the awkward dates turn out to be duds, the fancy dinner is tepid, the conversation stalls, and the dance itself — featuring music that only the DJ likes — is missing everything that made the movie-version so magical.  Oh, and that emotionally charged first kiss?  Ick.  Not with this kid.   Bottom line:  real prom falls somewhere between  “It was ok” and a total bust.  No magic.  No violins.  No big deal.  It’s time to return thefootloose_dance tux.

Real prom is a disappointment. 


It’s impossible for real proms to meet our crazy, pop-culture-fueled expectations.  (In other words, nothing is as good as the barn dance in Footloose!”)

What If We Could Stage a Prom with No Expectations?

Recently, my family had the pleasure of hosting an Argentinian exchange student.  She is charming for a million reasons, one of which is that she has so few expectations of what to expect from American culture.

Abi went to prom with her American girlfriends.  (In other words, no awkward first-dates.)  She got dressed up, and was excited, but didn’t know much about what to expect.  Just that it was going to be fun.expectations

She had a blast  — Everything was new and surprising to her, and she was delighted. Getting dressed up?  Fun! Dinner?  Fun!  A ride in a limo with her buddies?  Awesome!  The dance itself?  Fantastic!

What struck me most about her experience was the complete contrast between her and all the Americans kids.  She expected nothing other than “It’s gonna be fun.”  What a great approach.

No expectations are better than lots of expectations.expectations2_360

So what does this mean for you?

Want to be stressed less?  Want to focus on where you are? (As opposed to thinking about where you should be, or where you have gone?)  Want to be happier?

Do your best to lower and simplify your expectations to “It’s gonna be fun.”  Not epic.  Not horrible.  No details.  Just fun.

Yup, you can plan.  Yes, you can even rent the limo.  (I’d take Uber.)  But in the end it’s best to admit that you really don’t know what “it” will be like and embrace it.

Imagine the the opposite and purposely raising expectations.   Imagine creating:

  • The best meeting in the history of meetings.
  • The greatest day of your life
  • The most satisfying holiday ever!


  • This meeting is going to be horrible
  • I hate holidays so the next two weeks will be really horrible
  • I know this “outing” will be miserable. I just know it.

Those are some pretty heavy expectations.  They ain’t gonna help.  Instead … Give yourself the gift of NO expectations.  Your chances of meeting those expectations are 100%.



Leave us a comment below.  How do you manage YOUR expectations?  Can you give us an example of how too many expectations handicapped you?


A Summary of a Recent Keynote Speech

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to work for the city of Montrose Colorado.   My client wrote up a summary of my talk and I publish it here with her permission.

2016 is the Year of Being Happy and Awesome

The January 14, 2016 County wide employee meeting was a celebration of and appreciation for our employees and what they accomplished in 2015. We recognized employee service anniversaries, recapped County accomplishment for 2015 and outlined what to expect in 2016.

In celebrating our employees, we invited motivational speakerThe secobradpointingnd Brad Montgomery to inspire us to be awesome and have fun at work. He contends happy (awesome) people are more productive and ultimately successful. At times organizational leaders think having fun at work is counter-productive but Brad and others disagree.  Shawn Achor writes in the book The Happiness Advantage, “Conventional wisdom holds that if we work hard we will be more successful and if we are more successful we will be happy. If we can just find that great job, win that next promotion, lose those five pounds, etc. happiness will follow. But recent discoveries have shown that this formula is actually backwards: Happiness actually fuels success.”  Brad showed us that having fun at work can lead to higher productivity with less energy, improved customer service and better business practices.

Brad also told us one way to have fun is to embrace awesome! By embracing awesome we are raising ourselves to higher levels.  Embracing awesome is at the core of what our County values, Serving with PRIDE (People Representing Integrity and Delivering Excellence), are all about.  Brad reminded us of a couple key components to being AWESOME:

  1. Know You’re Awesome – most of us don’t recognize our potential and what we contribute to the Montrose County team on a daily basis. We all bring unique and amazing talents that contribute to the success of the team.  Are you using all of your talents and potential?
  1. Celebrate Awesome – Brad challenged us to find and have “confetti moments”. What are confetti moments?  We tend to forget even the small contributions we make should be celebrated. One example he gave was, “I showed up for work today, confetti, on time, more confetti! Be like a magician and celebrate every feat you accomplish.
  1. Embrace Your Awesomeness – own up to the fact that you have oodles to share.  As you embrace your awesomeness, others will notice and begin to share theirs. We then begin to raise our standards and expectations and become an awesome organization.
  1. Share Your Awesome – throw awesome bombs whenever possible.  Recognize people when they are embracing their awesome or sharing their awesome with others. Awesome bombs come in many forms; a simple thank you for all you do, a note to a person’s supervisor about how he/she went above and beyond or solved a difficult situation. What are awesome bombs you can give to your co-workers, supervisors or even your friends and family?
  1. Life is Awesome – don’t forget to have fun and enjoy all it has to offer. If you want to achieve more, at work and at home, and be basically AWESOME, you need to systematically invest in happiness. The good news is this investment is basically free.

Happiness and awesomeness are attitudes that you choose.  The happiness fairy is not going to come waltzing in with a magic wand to make you happy. Nobody else is going to make you happy or make your job fun, it is your choice. Coming to the realization that happiness and job satisfaction are things we can control is often enough to kick start joy. Be happy and awesome in all you do. Make 2016 the year of AWESOME!


Looking for a motivational speaker to inspire and motivate your people to get the best out of themselves and those people around them? Contact us here.

Happiness Speaker Unedited – You have 40%!

We just had one of our banking clients send us a bit of video from 5 or 6 years ago.  I was doing an all-staff meeting for a bank to help them with their transition to more of a sales culture (something many of my banking and credit union clients are struggling with.)

Check out the clip.

It turns out that our thoughts and actions — our attitude — are more powerful than our “life circumstances” when it comes to shaping our happiness.

I see this as great news.  We are not at the mercy of our customers or members for happiness.  Or our boss.  Or our manager.  Or the weather.  Or even our health.

In the end we have a HUGE impact on weather or not we are happy.

If you or your team need a reminder on HOW to be happy at work, give us a call at 303.691.0726   We can get started today.


Brad Montgomery is a business motivational speaker who speaks at meetings and conference around the world and across the USA.  One of his most popular topics is helping people harness the business value of happiness by utilizing simple techniques to improve our happiness in the workplace starting NOW.  Call today for a free consultation.  

Colorado Motivational Speaker – Hire Local and Save

Why book a Colorado speaker?   Check out this video.

I travel to speak across the country and around the world.  I rarely work in my home state of Colorado.  But living in Denver, I often wonder why I don’t work here more.  There are a ton of awesome resorts used by corporate events in the mountains.  There is the Colorado Convention Center here in Denver.  And we’re just giant steps from huge events in the front range (e.g.  Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.)

The sentence, “You’re never a hero in your own home town” comes to mind.Colorado Speaker

Why hire a speaker who LIVES in Colorado for your event which just happens to be here?  I think it really comes down to  savings and reliability.

First, you save on travel.  No hotel or airfare. That’s often about $1,000 right there.

I am proud to say that I’ve only missed one event in 25+ years due to weather.  But that doesn’t mean that my clients haven’t worried about weather.  Delays and transportation issues are worrisome.   If you book a speaker who LIVES in the same town as your event, you take one huge worry off your list.  You KNOW your speaker will be there.  No problem.

Call us today and we’ll talk about how to ramp up your convention or meeting — which just happens to be in Colorado — with a customize, funny, and totally relevant motivational speaker.  Me.

Looking for a Colorado motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.

Colorado Speaker Brad montgomery

Colorado Speaker Brad Montgomery

Over A Billion Sold

Hey!  Look here!  I just had the good luck to work for a bunch of general managers and managers — and an assortment of other leaders — from this organization that serves about 2,000 meals a day.  (Per restaurant.)

It’s impressive.  I was totally taken with their drive, creativity and plain old zest for success. It was a very fun, hard working group of people that needed a laugh, and some ideas about motivating themselves AND their teams.

Guess what?  They seemed to like me as much as I liked them. Aw shucks!

Check out what they had to say.

Are you looking for a motivational speaker who can rock your group?  A keynote that will get your people up and ready to lead themselves and their teams to where they need to go?  Looking for a motivational speaker for your event?   <a href=””>Contact me here</a>.

Aw Shucks. A Client Made Me Cry | Motivational Speaker Joy!

I love my job for 1 million reasons. Or at least two dozen reasons.… But I rounded up.

One of the absolutely coolest things about being a motivational speaker is that occasionally you get some feedback totally makes your day. What follows is some feedback that made my year.

I worked six months ago for a very cool person in a school district in Wisconsin. They wanted a motivational speaker to prepare their entire staff for the arrival of the students. I think I might have been there one day before the students started school.

I totally remember the event. It was a great audience; I felt good about my presentation.

But check out the email I just got from my meeting planner Laura. It absolutely maybe Tara… Or maybe it was dust in my eyes. I will never tell.

Hi Brad,

Just thought you would want to know….

As I was walking through the elementary school this morning I came uponmotivational speakera third grade teacher putting up smiley faces over each student’s locker. As I got closer, I realized that each smiley face had a quote from you (Brad Montgomery) at the bottom. Along with your quote, each face had a personalized message for every student on it. When I asked the teacher, “What are you doing?” She said that all of the teachers are creating a personalized smiley face for every student to be hung up before the Christmas concert. Following the concert, the parents are to take them home with them. I thought you would want to see that your message is alive and well here in Medford. (See attached pics)

I still have staff coming up to me and saying, “The speaker you brought in was exactly what I needed!” In fact, one second grade teacher made it a point to tell me that your message had changed her outlook on life. She described herself as a complainer (which was true), and after she heard your message she had decided that she was going to turn over a new leaf and stop complaining about everything. She said she has never felt so UN-stressed as she does this year.

Last week I took a bunch of high school teachers to a conference. One of them stated that she so enjoyed your message that she thought I should continue the theme into January’s inservice. That’s when I had this idea (which of course involves you)! Would you be willing to record a short (2-3 minute) video for me to show to the staff, so that they can be reminded of the “The Happy” that you gave them in August? If so, I I think it would be the extra motivation to get them over the COLD winter months.

Thanks again! Wishing you happiness and good health. 330.png


L Lundy
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Medford School District


Thanks Laura for taking the time to send me this note. You made my day.

(For the record I do provide follow-up videos for my clients at an additional fee. But as you might have totally guess will be sending one to Laura. It will be – and I mean this literally – my absolute pleasure.

Looking for an educators speaker? A motivational speaker for your in-service? I hope you’ll consider me. Contact me here.


Brad Montgomery is a very funny motivational speaker with with some very serious ideas about getting the most out of you and those people around you. For more information or a free consultation about how Brad and create an event that is meaningful, memorable, and totally relevant to you and your people give us a call at 303.691.0726

Motivational Speaker for Teachers / Educators

Is Your Motivational Speaker Any Good?

Clients call our office every day — which is very cool — trying to determine if I’m the right motivational speaker for them and their organization. There are a ton of great questions to ask any perspective professional speaker. But in the end, my best advice is this: It comes down to a) the video and b) testimonials.

Are there TONS of people willing to vouch for your speakers? Is your potential motivational speaker boasting a long — VERY long — client list?

And is your speaker captured regularly on video? Are there testimonial videos? Check your speaker’s YouTube Channel to verify that your speaker isn’t stagnant.

See this motivational speaker on Youtube

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.

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