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What We All Crave. The Answer May Surprise You.

Recently I worked as a motivational speaker for some super high achieving sales people.  These are people who’ve sold the most in their particular company, and who were being rewarded by their bosses with a fancy conference at a fancy resort, with fancy food and fancy speakers (that would be me!).  Before I started, I would have told you that these guys were the most jaded, cynical, seen it all kind of folks, who’ve done it all and heard it all.  But I was wrong.  Turns out there is something they haven’t heard enough.

When I told them they were awesome, important, and what they do makes a difference, I was surprisedNECA.2014_0195 to find out afterwards that they were both thrilled and touched.  Many of these battled-hardened sales guys (and when I say guys, the vast majority were guys) came up to me and told me how they really appreciated the message that I was giving them.  What was the message?  You are appreciated.  You are important.  You are making a difference.

Apparently no one, from the supermarket checkout lady to your kids’ elementary, middle school or high school teacher to successful business sales associates, can get enough of being told just how important and appreciated they are.  No one hears that enough, not you and not me.  So armed with this knowledge, you can become a super hero.

Go out there and say thank you to your family, to your work mates, to your friends.  Say thank you; you are important; I appreciate you; you are making a difference.  Say it to your kids, say it to your spouse or life partner; say it to your kids’ teachers (especially to them!); say it to your boss; say it to your assistant.  If what they are doing with you and for you makes your job and your life better and easier, tell them so.  Let them know that they are important to you and that you are grateful for them.

This small investment in time and energy, to do something for others that you believe in, is tremendously satisfying; it will make your day better.  If it feels uncomfortable for you to give someone genuine, heartfelt thanks and gratitude, ease into it.  Try it with one person per day for a while.  Then increase your dosage.  It will get easier with each telling.  Soon you will be a pro at it, and you will feel the effects of this marvelous tonic.  Plus you will reap the rewards in all of your relationships.  Who knows?  It may even make you some new friends, get you a raise, or best of all, some kisses from your children.  Giving praise, authentically meant, will give you a raise.  youareawesome

If your company needs a business speaker or a motivational speaker who speaks to the people side of business, call me.  My name is Brad Montgomery.  I’d love to talk with about how you too can get the most out of your business relationships, your productivity and your job satisfaction.  Contact us here

Are You So Busy Helping You Forget to Be Helpful | Motivational Speaker Chimes In

Here’s the lesson:  sometimes you need to listen to…YOURSELF.

Yesterday I worked for some Sales Pros about the People Side of Sales.  I was asked to deliver a motivational message I’m passionate about: remembering that although sales techniques and tactics are important, they are worthless unless we really come from a place of service.

Or, in other words, if we actually help our customers get what the need and crave, sales will follow naturally.  With or without sales techniques.  Focus on the people side first.

But today I realized that my message was relevant to me…yeah, it’s weird.  I realized that it’s easy in my life to focus on my chores, my to do lists, my tasks… And all of the minutia that makes up our lives and our jobs. And that I often forget to take care of people in my life.

For example, my wife and I seem to be constantly carting around our children. Helping them get their homework done. Making sure they get to the right performance.  Going to school for this or that.  But I get so wrapped up in those TASKS I sometimes forget to focus on my kids themselves.

I’m so focused on getting them to, for example, the doctors appointment that I forget to focus on PeoplesChoice.2016.0634the real target; I forget to focus on how I can lead them by being upbeat, how I can support and nourish them, how I can help them.  I was focused on the task;  not on the kid.

Yup, we still have to do our tasks.  But we need to keep our eye on the goal.  I’m so busy helping my kids that I forget to be helpful to my kids.

It’s a metaphor but you get it.  It’s the same at our jobs.  With our families.  And even ourselves.

What’s the point?  Take 30 seconds and remind yourself what you are really trying to accomplish. Ask yourself how focusing on the people will help you get closer to that goal. You still have to do your job. You still have to do your tasks, run your errands, and check off your to do lists. But if you focus on the people you are trying to serve everything seems to work out way better.

And best of all, it’s way more fun.  It makes us happier.

Motivational speaker and business speaker provides keynotes, breakouts and way WAY more for meeting and conventions across the country and around the world.    Looking for a professional speaker to ramp up the energy at your meeting? Need somebody to help your people focus on their passion and their purpose in order to increase your bottom line? Contact us today or call us at 303.691.0726

Motivator, Motivate Thyself (Or What I Learned From My Audience)

First of all, this is not about me telling you how great I am, although I’d love to do that.  (Who doesn’t?)  That’s pompous and self-aggrandizing, and not what I’m after here —though you’ll have to hang on to the end of the article to believe me.   So if I seem braggy here, I don’t mean to; just hang on to the end and you’ll see.  You’ll get a nice surprise.  Like ice cream.  Or maybe something less cold.

The subject of today’s lesson:  Motivator, Motivate Thyself.  (Have your ever heard that expression, “Doctor, heal thyself?”  This is like that.)  Or I could also call it, What I Learn From My Audience.  Two great titles; one great blog post.

I was in San Diego recently, giving what, in all modesty, was a kick-ass motivational speech (some days go just better than others–great audience, great room, enough beauty sleep), and afterwards this very nice gentleman from the audience came up to talk to me.  After my business presentations or motivational speeches, frequently people want to connect …and I love it.  I love to hear what they heard.  I love to know what resonated… It often surprises me.

But I digress.  Anyway, this man came up to me and started thanking me and telling me how awesome it was to business speaker Bradhave someone reminding him to stay upbeat, to look for life’s positives instead of the negatives, to get out there and really enjoy what life and living has to offer.  He went on and on;  I’m telling you he positively gushed.  He said I was a great reminder of positivity.  That my stories about staying upbeat generally and especially at work were valuable.  But most of all, he said, he thought I was a great example myself of positivity. Me.  I know.  I thanked him profusely, was very appreciative, very humble, and underneath I was thinking, What a fraud I am!

Because, the truth is, I don’t always see the positives in my life.  I think I’m a bit more positive than the average person..ok, I might even be quite a bit more positive.  But that doesn’t mean I’m always able to stay upbeat.   And lately I’ve struggled being positive with my kids.

So, this man, whose only thought was to compliment me and tell me how great it was that I had reminded him to focus on life’s positives, actually became the motivator.  He reminded me that we all need reminders.  He was, after all, my reminder.  So that minute I resolved to be a better father, a better friend, a better leader.

What’s my point?  Staying positive is important.  It’s valuable. And it’s difficult.  REALLY difficult.  Therefore we ALL need constant reminders of the how-to’s, the importance, and the necessity of staying positive.

What’s that mean?  It means this:  what are YOU doing to stay positive.  I can tell you what I’m doing:

• Listening to motivational speakers.  (I’m gonna listen to my own recording… No..that’s just wrong.)

• Listen to upbeat comedians.

• Read positive books.  Watch positive TV.

So, this week, thanks to my generous audience member, I’m focusing on motivating myself:  finding the positive, acknowledging the good, being grateful for this wonderful life I have.  In other words, motivating myself.

If you need a motivational speaker who speaks to the people side of business, call me, Brad Montgomery.  I’ll be busy motivating myself — it’s a constant struggle.  (It is for ALL of us.)

Brad Montgomery is a business and motivational speaker who speaks to leaders, sales teams, and organizations of all types hoping to get the most out of their people.  He helps them to restart their passion, their purpose, and their desire to be their best.  Want more from your team?  Contact us for more info about bringing Brad in to your meeting or conference.

Selfish = Good Idea! Let Me Explain …

Looking for a way to increase you happiness?  A PROVEN method to improve your quality of life?  Easy peasy: make somebody ELSE happy.  Encourage them.  Congratulate them.  Motivate them.   It will make them happy, but the really cool thing is that it makes YOU happier.

This is the same science that makes the “pay the toll for the person behind you” concept, or buy a coffee for a stranger concept.  Oddly, science proves that investing in somebody else makes us feel better.

It’s ironic;  there is a selfish component helping others.  It’s a concept called Selfish Selflessness.  There is a very selfish component to giving, charity, and acting to improve others.  Helping others helps us to be happier.

Want to prove it to yourself?  Sure you do.  If you don’t believe me, wait until you’re having a crappy day.  Then do something generous for somebody else.  Give out a well deserved (but rarely given) compliment.  Buy somebody a gift when they don’t expect it.  Help somebody with a chore when they’d least expect it.  Cover for an office mate and send them home early to be with their kids.  Do anything.

Heck… Instead of thinking about it.  Do it now.  Here’s how.  Get out your cell phone change speakerand text somebody something nice.  Now.  Do it.

Still reading?  Then maybe you need some ideas about what to text.  Pick one of these or be inspired:

(You can cut-and-paste.  I won’t tell anybody and it still will make you feel happier.)

To somebody at work.  Your assistant.  You’re partner.  The new hire.

• “Thanks for holding things together as I work on this other project.  I appreciate you and you are aweseome!”

• “The work you did on that project yesterday was right on.  Thanks for making our organization better.  I appreciate you.”

•  “Thanks for saying “yes” when I offered you the job.  You’re everything we hoped for in an employee and more.  Thanks for the good work.”

Or to your kids:

• “You’ve been working hard at school this year and I wanted you let you know I’m proud of you.”

• “Last night’s band concert was great.  I’m so proud of you for sticking with the trombone for all of these years.  I couldn’t be more proud.”

* Or just keep it simple:    “I’m proud of you.  I probably don’t tell you enough; but I think it all the time.  I’m so lucky to be your dad.”  (Or mom.)

Or your partner:

• “I love you.  Thanks for grocery shopping yesterday.  It made my day when you surprised me with having that chore done. You’re awesome.”

•  “Thanks for taking care of the kids yesterday.  I didn’t feel great but you were awesome.  I appreciate you.  I love you.”

That’s it.  Get it?  It’s not hard.  Just the act of sending the text or the email will make your day better — and you happier.   Encouragement is good for others.  It makes you a better leader.  But it is also a bit selfish in that it will make YOU happier.


Brad Montgomery is a business speaker and motivational speaker.  He inspires people to get the most out themselves and those people around them.  Give us a call or contact us here and we’ll talk about energizing your convention or meeting and your people.  Let’s give them the passion to be their best.

What Does Trump Teach Leaders? (It will surprise you!)

Surprising Lesson From Trump

Drop your phones, keyboards, whatever you use to send nasty-grams.  I AM NOT WRITING A POLITICAL ARTICLE HERE.  I am not endorsing Trump.  I am not not endorsing Trump.

Does Brad Really Know Trump?

Does Brad Really Know Trump?

Today we are talking about leadership — not politics.  (I do have some ideas about Trump too…but you’ll have to ask.)

One of the most interesting things about the Trump campaign is that many of his supporters are willing to overlook (and even deny) his more controversial statements.  They are focused on the man, the personality, the outsider status, the general direction he wants to go; they are not super interested in the details of his message.

Many Trump supporters believe that Trump doesn’t really mean much of the really nasty things he says. When asked if about Trump’s ideas about Muslims, Mexican Walls and women, they say things like, “He doesn’t really mean that.”  And furthermore, they don’t agree with those opinions.  In spite of the fact that Trump has well-documented and REALLY controversial opinions, a large number of his supporters neither agree with the Trump’s ideas nor accept that Trump himself believes them.   Get it?  That’s big news.  They support Trump even though they don’t support his ideas.

Trump supporters say yes he is brash, yes he is loud and yes he is unafraid to say what he thinks, AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT HIM.  He wants to make America Great Again, they say.  That’s what we like.  They like him and his BIG ideas;  the specifics of his plan aren’t important.

Your team needs to understand, and, more importantly, FEEL what that purpose is and feel like they are an important part of a team who will fulfill that purpose.  

What does this have to do with leadership, you ask?  Excellent question.  The Trump story has a lot to do with leadership, because it proves an old adage:  People follow people who have a plan.  Okay, maybe that’s not an old adage, but what I mean is that effective leaders, leaders who can actually persuade people to follow have a vision and they communicate clearly what that vision is.  Make America Great Again.  Short, simple, to the point.  Trump supporters like it and that’s enough.  They’ll shake out the nitty gritty later.

Our take away?   Sometimes as leaders we just need a really simple and clear vision & set of values, and that our ideas might be less important than our image.    And second, we need to make sure our teams really understand this vision.

Your team needs to understand, and, more importantly, FEEL what that puLeadershiprpose is and feel like they are an important part of a team who will fulfill that purpose.  They need buy-in.  Your team needs to believe that together they are going somewhere they believe in.  Do they care exactly how they get to that somewhere?  Not really, if you look at the Donald Trump phenomena.  Do they want their leader to have bold ideas communicated in a bold, unapologetic manner?  Yes, that’s what they want.  Your followers will fill in the details later.  As long as they have an understanding and belief in the purpose, the rest is white noise which they can interpret to fit their own world view.

So your job as a leader is to identify your core values, communicate those core values unapologetically and without fear, and make your team feel like they are an important part of the push forward.  Channel your inner Donald Trump.  Find what you believe in.  Share what you believe in.  Live what you believe in.

I’m Brad Montgomery, and if you’re looking for a leadership expert and someone to remind your group of their boundless potential and capacity for success, give me a call.  Together we can get your team to where they want to be.  Brad Montgomery.  Speaking to the People Side of Business.

PS.  Don’t get me wrong. In the end, our ideas do matter. The details DO matter.  And Trump is going to have to prove that he not only has a plan for the details, and that it is a good plan.  But for now, apparently, the Idea of Trump is more important than any of his ideas.  


Brad Montgomery is a business speaker who speaks across the country and around the world.  (He’s also a motivational speaker…which is a word he hates.  When we chat we’ll explain.)  to discuss how to bring Brad to fire up your meeting or event.  303.691.0726

Surprising Reason Why ‘Hard Skills’ Training Can Be a Mistake

This is an open letter to organizations who don’t invest time or energy in soft skill training but do invest in hard skill training. Hard skills are specific, teachable abilities that may be required in a given context, such as a software skills, sales techniques, and leadership skills. Soft skills are often associated with a person’s “EQ” or Emotional Intelligence Quotient which is the cluster of personality traits that characterize one’s relationships with other people. These are personality-driven skills like engagement, getting along with others, listening and engaging in small talk.  But my favorite is the ability to connect.

However, though people are more keen in investing in training of hard skills in this modern world of competition, soft skills have a huge — and often hidden — payoff.

Let me lay some mind-blowing statistics on you.  (Via the Harvard Business Journal, 2012.)

  • Happy people are 25% more productive than their unhappy, mopey counterparts.  That’s huge.

 • Happy people sell 37% more than their gloomy counterparts.   37%   (Nope, it’s not a typo.)

Bottom line:  you can’t afford NOT to invest in soft skills.

Next time your organization needs to invest in itself (Hint: that time is ALL of the time) don’t discount investing in training your people how to be better people.  Don’t ignore soft skills;  run towards them.

We tend to think backwards;  When things are good we’ll invest in our people.  When times are tough we better invest in sales training (or some other hard skill.)  It’s often a mistake.  Your people already know HOW to do their jobs well, but something is preventing them from rocking it.  What’s the problem?  Maybe there is an engagement issue.  Maybe there is a culture issue.  Maybe it’s a lack of motivation.  But rarely is it a knowledge gap that can be “fixed” with hard skill training.

Looking for somebody to come in and get your PEOPLE to where they need to be?  Ready for your people to take ownership, get excited again, and be part of the solution.  I’d love to be part of that conversation.  Give us a call at 303.691.0726 or contact us today and we’ll talk about creating an event that helps your organization to make a difference … Starting with the people who run it.



Brad Montgomery is a motivational speaker and business speaker who helps with the people side of business.  If you’re ready to get your people want to do their best, it’s time to give us a call.  He’s a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, he’s proven himself with top organizations in government and health care.  And he’s ready to help you starting now.

Corporate Emcee? Nope. “Content Weaver”

I’m not an emcee.  I’m a content weaver.

Yup, a corporate emcee is a valuable addition to your conference.  We keep the energy going.  We set up the audience so they are ready to LEARN from the next speaker.  We are there to make sure the pacing is good. And that we stay on time.

But wouldn’t be it be cooler if your emcee did more?  What if they connected the dots for your attendees — helping them to make sense of the information they are receiving by connecting the General Session to the 2nd Breakout to the Closing Session?

That’d be funny.  That’d be useful.  That’d be a great idea.  That’s be…me.

Content Weaver is what we call it.  Check out this short video to explain.

Looking for a motivational business speaker who can ALSO be a Content Weaving (and very funny) emcee?  Need a master of ceremonies your people will love?  Give us a call at 303.691.0726 and we’ll talk about how to make your meeting as successful as it deserves to be.  

What is a Corporate Emcee / Master of Ceremonies


A corporate emcee, MC or master of ceremonies is a person who officiates at events such as weddings, social functions and other corporate events. The work of an emcee is an exciting one and anyone interested in this line of work should know several things in order to do the job effectively and efficiently. He should be able to know the specific roles related to the job so that he can be able to oversee the progress of the event smoothly and without any hitches. Some of the practices that an emcee should keep in mind are:

  • Know your role

A corporate emcee should be able to recognise his role and be able to carry his responsibilities Brad-Montgomery-Fullaccordingly. Not only should he be aware of his tasks but should also be able to connect his roles with the specific event he’s officiating.

  • Know the speakers and introduce them accordingly

A good emcee should know each of the speakers at the event by name and by face so that he can be able to introduce them to the audience without mistakes or errors.

  • Know the schedule and keep the event on schedule

A good master of ceremonies should keep time and ensure that the event goes on smoothly and seamlessly. He should be able to adjust breaks and event transitions when he realises that the event is behind schedule.

  • Know the content of the event

The role of an emcee is not confined to introductions of speakers only. A good emcee should be knowledgeable on the subject matter of the event so that he can connect with the program and even comment appropriately

  • Know the audience

The age group and the type of audience at the event should be kept in mind by an emcee so that he can present the program and any other activities accordingly.

  • Keep the audience energized

A good corporate emcee should be able to read the mood of the audience and be able to make them focused on the event. He should be able to integrate an energizing activity when the attendees become too bored and calm them down when they are too excited.

  • Tie everything together

The role of an emcee is to ensure that all programs at the event progress smoothly and the sequence of the programs is seamless.

When an aspiring emcee keeps all this in mind, then he is sure of delivering a seamless event program and thereby increasing his prospects as a successful emcee.

Brad Montgomery is a business speaker and emcee.  He uses hard-hitting humor (and his dashing good looks) to make sure that your people stay engaged.  He works with you to geset up your ENTIRE meeting for success?  Looking for an emcee to energize your audience?  Like to get the most out of your motivational speaker by having him double up as the MC?  Yay.  I like that too.  Give us a call at 303.691.0726 and we’ll plan how to customize and event just for you.

What One Speaker Does For Fun (You’ll Be Surprised)

Some of you know that before I became a business speaker I was a professional magician. Although I don’t do magic anymore – or at least extremely rarely – on the platform, I still consider myself a magician.

For something fun check out this video of a magic trick I was playing with. I think it’s cool. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

What Prom Can Teach Us (About Expectations)

Here’s a specific happiness technique you can incorporate today:

Have as few expectations about the future as possible. 

The problem with having expectations about our future is that they often undermine success.



To oversimplify things, we have two expectations about the future.  Either it’s some level of fear, e.g.  “I’m anxious about this,”  or  “I’m worried about the upcoming event,” or we have over-blown optimistic expectations, (“This year’s vacation will be the best ever!” or  “When I get the raise I’ll be incredibly happy.”)   The crazy thing is that both styles of expectations are unhelpful to us.

Clearly, having fear (or even mild concerns) about the future sets up up poorly.  (And the worrying doesn’t help either.)  But having super positive expectations is problematic too.  Rarely are our super positive expectations met — hello dissappointment.

Example 1: High School Prom

Let’s talk about specifics.  Let’s talk Prom.  Every movie about High School has a perfect prom.  The decorations, the music, the friendship, the tender slow dance and that awesome kiss with the right person at the perfect time with the EPIC soundtrack.  So when our non-Hollywood kids head to prom, the expectations are high.  They’ve planned, spent more money than they have (“Thanks Dad!”), and staged elaborate photo shoots. They are pumped!

She expected nothing other than “It’s gonna be fun.”  What a great approach.


But realistically how do these real prom experiences work out?  Usually there is friend drama, many of the kids are on first dates with kids they barely know, often the awkward dates turn out to be duds, the fancy dinner is tepid, the conversation stalls, and the dance itself — featuring music that only the DJ likes — is missing everything that made the movie-version so magical.  Oh, and that emotionally charged first kiss?  Ick.  Not with this kid.   Bottom line:  real prom falls somewhere between  “It was ok” and a total bust.  No magic.  No violins.  No big deal.  It’s time to return thefootloose_dance tux.

Real prom is a disappointment. 


It’s impossible for real proms to meet our crazy, pop-culture-fueled expectations.  (In other words, nothing is as good as the barn dance in Footloose!”)

What If We Could Stage a Prom with No Expectations?

Recently, my family had the pleasure of hosting an Argentinian exchange student.  She is charming for a million reasons, one of which is that she has so few expectations of what to expect from American culture.

Abi went to prom with her American girlfriends.  (In other words, no awkward first-dates.)  She got dressed up, and was excited, but didn’t know much about what to expect.  Just that it was going to be fun.expectations

She had a blast  — Everything was new and surprising to her, and she was delighted. Getting dressed up?  Fun! Dinner?  Fun!  A ride in a limo with her buddies?  Awesome!  The dance itself?  Fantastic!

What struck me most about her experience was the complete contrast between her and all the Americans kids.  She expected nothing other than “It’s gonna be fun.”  What a great approach.

No expectations are better than lots of expectations.expectations2_360

So what does this mean for you?

Want to be stressed less?  Want to focus on where you are? (As opposed to thinking about where you should be, or where you have gone?)  Want to be happier?

Do your best to lower and simplify your expectations to “It’s gonna be fun.”  Not epic.  Not horrible.  No details.  Just fun.

Yup, you can plan.  Yes, you can even rent the limo.  (I’d take Uber.)  But in the end it’s best to admit that you really don’t know what “it” will be like and embrace it.

Imagine the the opposite and purposely raising expectations.   Imagine creating:

  • The best meeting in the history of meetings.
  • The greatest day of your life
  • The most satisfying holiday ever!


  • This meeting is going to be horrible
  • I hate holidays so the next two weeks will be really horrible
  • I know this “outing” will be miserable. I just know it.

Those are some pretty heavy expectations.  They ain’t gonna help.  Instead … Give yourself the gift of NO expectations.  Your chances of meeting those expectations are 100%.



Leave us a comment below.  How do you manage YOUR expectations?  Can you give us an example of how too many expectations handicapped you?


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