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The Orlando Experience

Orlando’s 7 Truths for Awesomeness*

scroll down for videoI had the great fortune to meet an amazing guy named Orlando, who delivers epic customer experiences.   He shared his wisdom with me, and now I share it with you.

  • The Golden Rule Baby!   No, he didn’t make this one up, but it’s a doozy.  Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.  Don’t want to work with grumps?  Make sure that you are not grumpy yourself.
  • Ask your customer (or patient or partner or….) what they need, then get it for them.   The best way to get them what they need doesn’t require training or mind reading. You just have to ask.
  • If you don’t know the answer, don’t make it up.  Just tell them you don’t know, and get some help.  Now.orlando
  • Try to understand where your customer (patient, partner, or teammate) is coming from.  For example, if they are headed home from a funeral, they’re going to require a different approach than if they are celebrating a success.
  • See your family in the people you serve.  If it’s a “senior” woman, treat her like your grandmother.  If he looks like you, he’s your brother.  (Or sister, whatever…you know what I mean.)  Treat ‘em like family.
  • Bask in the joy of service.  It’s not only OK to enjoy your job, it’s good for you.  Serving others is what “nourishes” us.   Being awesome to people is what makes our jobs meaningful.
  • Smile.  Other people are watching you to set the tone, be it your customer or your teammates.  Bring an attitude of joy and happiness, and you’ll see that attitude reflected back to you.


•No, Orlando never called them ‘Truths for Awesomeness.”  He’s a humble guy.   I might have taken that teensy liberty. 


For information on having Brad deliver the Orlando Experience to your organization, contact us through or call us at 303.691.0726 and we’ll talk about sharing the wisdom of a very cool dude in order to get the most out of you and those people around you.

Brad Montgomery is a business speaker who uses stories & humor to create an event at your meeting or convention.  He helps companies, associations, and government agencies get the most out of their people by helping them re-ignite their passion, create buy-in, and make people WANT to be their best.

Change Sucks. Deal With it. (A Motivational Speaker Learns the Hard Way)

Change Sucks.  Deal with it.

As a business speaker, one of the most frequent calls I get from perspective clients is, “Can you talk to us about change?  Our folks are having a tough time.”

So are we all.

Recently I was reminded how HARD change can be, and I gotta say it was a little humbling.

I have ALWAYS had some sort of technology that I use to play music and sound effects during my speeches.  It’s super cool, it adds a lot to the presentation, and it’s really a pain in the butt to learn.  The first time I got a technology, about 25 years ago, it took me at least a year to learn.  And maybe 5 years to master.

It’s not that complicated, but because I’m doing other things when I run it, it’s more difficult than

motivational speaker

Change Management Speaker

you think.  It’s easy to program wrong.  It’s easy to use wrong.  And it’s easy to forget some simple but crucial detail, spiraling my whole program into a messy pile of goop.  It ain’t rocket science, but it’s harder than it first appears.

So what’s new?  I just bought myself a new and improved technology.  It does the same thing I’ve always done — play music at my command — but it’s better than my older thing.  The problem is that I’m not used to it.  I make mistakes.  I have to re-learn the commands as they are different from the old ones, and programming it is not that hard, but because I’m used to the old way it SEEMS pretty hard.  It’s a pain in the butt.

I was whining to my wife about my problems and frustrations learning the new technology and she hit hard with a simple question:  “Why don’t you use some of the wisdom you tell your audiences, Mr. Motivational Speaker?”    Crap.  She got me.

She was right:  I was totally wasting my energy griping about change management.  I should heed my own advice.  What is it, you ask?  Glad you asked. Here it is in a nutshell.

• Change happens.  We can whine or not, but it happens.  Might as well try to go with it.  Fighting makes it worse.

• Change is good for our business.  If we don’t keep up with new trends and technologies, we eventually put ourselves OUT of work.  Reminding ourselves that change is a positive for us helps us to take it in stride.

• Change is good for our happiness.  When we get too used to stuff, we tend to stagnate.  Seeking new activities that challenge us keeps us in good mental shape.  Yeah, it is frustrating and difficult sometimes.  But oddly, those challenges are good for our long-term well being.

What Does ThIs Mean for You?   The next time you find yourself whining at the new software, the new IOs on your phone, or some new process at work, you have a choice.  You can whine and complain, or you

Funny Change Speaker

Funny Change Speaker

can try deal with it in a more positive way.  Don’t be like me and my new music technology.  Be brave.  Be strong.  Be gracious.

Shout out to my wife Kim for being smarter than I am.

What do you think?  How do YOU deal with change?

Brad Montgomery is a very funny motivational speaker on change.  Approximately 99% of his client are struggling with some aspect of change, and he has some pretty funny ways to help business people get through change management with grace, with skill, and with a sense of humor.  If you’d like to talk to us about how Brad can help your team get to where they need to be, give us a call or contact us immediately for a free consultation about how we can do just that.

What Goes Through My Mind Just Before I’m Introduced?

Yeah.  It’s a short post. (And a short video.)

Check out the video….then read on.  I actually have a point.  (Surprise!)

In this case I was gonna be a total surprise to the audience.  They had NO IDEA that:

  •  I was a keynote speaker.  (Not a trainer.)
  • That I would use stories, humor and fun to engage them.
  • That I was asked to speak for 75 minutes.Funny Motivational Speaker Funny Motivational Speaker
  • That I was going to be funny.  Upbeat. Fun.

What does this mean? It means that the audience was more or less shocked for the first 10 minutes I was on.  It took this long to get them to trust me, to understand that it was going to be fun, to relax, and to be ready to listen to me.

Yeah, I got it done.  I earned them.  (Yeah, I was proud.)  But it would have been SO MUCH BETTER for the audience — and easier for me — if the conference had just warned them what I was coming.

Want to get the most out of your business speaker?  Want your audience to learn as much as possible from your speaker? Sure ya do. What should you do?

• Tell your audience what to expect?
• Tell them how long to expect you the speech to last.
• Tell them that you expect it to be fun…and that’s on purpose.  You know they’ll enjoy it too.


Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker and business keynote speaker based out of Denver, Colorado. He works across the world and around the world.  Call today and tell us what your goals are for your people, your organization, and your meeting or convention.  We’ll work hard to customize a funny program that makes a business difference.

Friendships on Purpose? How and Why to Be Strategic

Hanging out with people makes you better is important.  We all know this basic fact, but the question for all of us is, “What are we doing to nourish the current people in our lives that improve us, and how do we meet new friends that make us better?”

The answer can vary but the bottom line is basic:  you better be strategic about keeping and earning new friends.

The concept  of “Strategic Friendships” was made clear to me by my dad on his 80th Birthday.  It turns out my dad is a hipster with a ton of cool friends.  A ton.  And he’s 80!

At his birthday party — which featured a ton of booze, friends, and food — but not a single motivational speaker motivational speaker — my big brother and big sister and I were standing around looking at his huge collection of friends and we all admitted that were totally impressed not only at the number of his pals, but the quality of his friends.  These weren’t just people accepting free food;  they were pals.

Dad’s secret is that he’s been really strategic.  For the past 15 years, he’s had standing lunch groups.  On the first Monday of the month he meets with friends from his college, the 2nd Monday it’s pals he used to climb mountains with, then the 3rd Monday it’s a bunch of friends who just like each other. They call it Discussion Club.

The details aren’t important;  what is important is the lesson.  He meets regularly with people.  He’s invests his time because it’s a strategy.  It’s on purpose.  It’s a thing!

What does that mean for us?  It means we should do something today to nourish old friends, and cultivate new friends.  We should know it’s going to take a while.  That means that it takes time;  it takes years.  We saw the results at my dad’s birthday party one and a half decades after he started.  It takes patience.

So pick up the phone right now.  Send a text right now.  Go to lunch.  It’s worth it, and the long term pay off in your own happiness will amaze you — and your grown children.

Looking for a way to be happier?  In general?  Have more happiness at work?  Of course you would!  Make sure you have friends who make you better.  Start investing in those friendships now.  Brad Montgomery is a motivational speaker and keynote speaker who works across the country and around the world.  If you want to make YOUR meeting or convention epic, give us a call.  303.691.0726

motivational speakers and family
Me And My Dad

Is Gratitude a Technique? (Or Too Fluffy Like Unicorns and Sunshine?)

This post is easy.

Gratitude works.  It makes your life (and your job) better.

Ok…it’s not that easy, because many of my business clients dismiss gratitude because it seems too fluffy.  (See also Unicorns, Rainbows and Lollypops.)  I sense that because this tactic has been adopted by everybody from Oprah to the self-help-guru with the long beard (Ok, I made that one up, but you KNOW there are a few!), that it can’t be for them.

Just give in.  It works.  It’s been proven by Harvard.  Stanford.  Oxford.  You can deny and blow it off all you want, but this stuff is a  proven tactic for improving your quality of life … and your bottom line.

So what does this mean for you?  It means start having and noticing things, moments and people for which you are grateful right now.

Here are the instructions.  Easy Peasy.

1.  Notice 3 to 5 things every day for which you are grateful. All you have to do is quietly label them to yourself. E.g. “I’m really glad we are nearly done with the Acme project.”

2.  Remember that the degree of gratitude doesn’t matter for the brain science to work.  in other words, being grateful that there was a short line at Starbucks works just as well as being grateful for your good health. So go ahead and get petty… It still works. E.g., “I’m grateful that I get to go home at 5 PM and not 6 PM.”

3.  Do it regularly.   The pay off is very fast… It makes you scientifically happier starting TODAY.  But for even greater success make this a habit and notice the change in three or five days.

4. Give in. I know many of you think this technique is to light and fluffy to be relevant for you. But do you really want to deny the studies carried out by Ivy League PhD’s? Of course you don’t. Just get on the bandwagon and do it.

That’s it!   It is so ridiculously easy that this proven happiness technique seems to lightweight to be useful. But it’s easy. It’s something you can start immediately and quietly this instant. And best of all, for some skeptics like me, it’s backs in credible science from multiple sources.

What Paper Flowers Have to Do with Your Motivational Speaker

Here’s what we know about the meetings industry and adult learning:  people cannot sit still for even 45 minutes and learn all of the way through. Our minds wander. It just doesn’t work. This is in my opinion, this is a scientific fact.

Furthermore, we know from industry studies and surveys that attendees at conventions and meetings crave interactivity, interaction, and networking. They crave community.

Yet ironically, live meetings frequently feature 90 minute presentations. To our presentations. And longer. And to make it worse, a huge percentage of these meetings prefer not to have interactivity.

I have heard this extremely frequently from prospective clients; “Our people want to sit and listen. They don’t like interactivity. They are serious and quiet people and don’t want to be involved.”

Get it!?  There is a huge disparity between what we know works and what many old school meeting planners want.  The attendees are craving a connection to community. And furthermore when they are at a session where they want to learn, the teaching format is contrary to what we know works.

Well Goodie.  I’ve Got Good News.

I’ve been an interactive speaker well before it was fashionable. I get people up and moving, talking to each other, laughing, interacting, and meeting new folks at the convention. And I’m telling you… I’ve been doing it for years.

But there is an important detail; interactivity for its own sake is a waste. You really need interactivity AND a facilitated conversation about why that interactivity relates to their goals for the conference. We don’t want people to just play and laugh. We want them to learn – and that learning works best when they are playing and laughing.

For example, something I’ve been doing lately is fairly new. I get the entire audience to create an origami flower. It only takes a couple of minutes, and the audience loves it. They love the fact that they aren’t being lectured to. They love the fact that they are using their hands. They love the fact that they are being creative. And they love the fact that this is a small break in the learning format which helps keep them engaged.

What my meeting planners love is that the interactivity is just the start of a conversation. We talk about why we stopped to make flowers. Why we spent three or four minutes doing something that appears to be off-topic. But then we connect the interactivity to creativity, innovation, and even leadership.

As I motivational speaker I love it because little sections like this keep the learning on high, the fun on very high, and they help me to make my points.

If you are looking for a speaker who cannot only hold and engage an audience, but who can literally get them involved, then I hope you’ll give us a call. We will talk about developing a presentation that includes plenty of interactivity, tons of engagement, and maybe even a paper flower.


Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker who is known for being exceptionally engaging.  If you believe, as Brad does, that your people learn best when they are fully engaged – and maybe even laughing – then we should talk about how we will customize a presentation for your meeting and event. Give us a call! 303.691.0726

Laugh Before Sleeping? #HappyChewbacca

Looking for a technique to increase your well-be ing and happiness?  Of course you are.  We all are.

And the happy Chewbacca video that is tearing up the internet reminded me of a technique to easily and quickly improve your over all well-being:  laugh before you sleep.

(In case you have been living in a cave,  the  happy woman from Texas has a really fun video which I promise will make you laugh.)

What are the details?  Simple.  Easy Peasy.  Make sure that the LAST thing you do before sleep is to watch or read something that makes you laugh.

  • Laughing before sleep makes you forget all of the crap going through your mind.
  • That makes you sleep better.

In turn, you wake up better, healthier and happier.  It’s so basic, and so easy, it seems to be too good to be true.  But it isn’t.  It works.

Want to be happier at work?  At home?  In general?  Put yourself in the right frame of mind for sleep by laughing before you lose consciousness.

I’ll tell ya what works for me:  Watching the Happy Chewbacca video.

But if you don’t like that method, try reading a few pages of a comic book.  I love the comic ZITS, which reminds me of my teenage kids.  It makes me laugh.  My wife and I both love the book Awkward Family motivational-keynote-necktiePhotos, which makes us both howl.

Don’t spend too much time… Maybe just three minutes.  But if you laugh before sleep, you’ll benefit.

I promise you!

Brad Montgomery is a business speaker and motivational keynote speaker who helps organizations and business with the PEOPLE side of the equation.  If you believe, like Brad, that the most valuable asset you have is your people, and if you’re ready to get the most out of your people AND those people around them — Give us a call and we’ll strategize a way for this happiness speaker to deliver at your meeting or convention.  Call today at 303.691.0726 or contact us here

What We All Crave. The Answer May Surprise You.

Recently I worked as a motivational speaker for some super high achieving sales people.  These are people who’ve sold the most in their particular company, and who were being rewarded by their bosses with a fancy conference at a fancy resort, with fancy food and fancy speakers (that would be me!).  Before I started, I would have told you that these guys were the most jaded, cynical, seen it all kind of folks, who’ve done it all and heard it all.  But I was wrong.  Turns out there is something they haven’t heard enough.

When I told them they were awesome, important, and what they do makes a difference, I was surprisedNECA.2014_0195 to find out afterwards that they were both thrilled and touched.  Many of these battled-hardened sales guys (and when I say guys, the vast majority were guys) came up to me and told me how they really appreciated the message that I was giving them.  What was the message?  You are appreciated.  You are important.  You are making a difference.

Apparently no one, from the supermarket checkout lady to your kids’ elementary, middle school or high school teacher to successful business sales associates, can get enough of being told just how important and appreciated they are.  No one hears that enough, not you and not me.  So armed with this knowledge, you can become a super hero.

Go out there and say thank you to your family, to your work mates, to your friends.  Say thank you; you are important; I appreciate you; you are making a difference.  Say it to your kids, say it to your spouse or life partner; say it to your kids’ teachers (especially to them!); say it to your boss; say it to your assistant.  If what they are doing with you and for you makes your job and your life better and easier, tell them so.  Let them know that they are important to you and that you are grateful for them.

This small investment in time and energy, to do something for others that you believe in, is tremendously satisfying; it will make your day better.  If it feels uncomfortable for you to give someone genuine, heartfelt thanks and gratitude, ease into it.  Try it with one person per day for a while.  Then increase your dosage.  It will get easier with each telling.  Soon you will be a pro at it, and you will feel the effects of this marvelous tonic.  Plus you will reap the rewards in all of your relationships.  Who knows?  It may even make you some new friends, get you a raise, or best of all, some kisses from your children.  Giving praise, authentically meant, will give you a raise.  youareawesome

If your company needs a business speaker or a motivational speaker who speaks to the people side of business, call me.  My name is Brad Montgomery.  I’d love to talk with about how you too can get the most out of your business relationships, your productivity and your job satisfaction.  Contact us here

Are You So Busy Helping You Forget to Be Helpful | Motivational Speaker Chimes In

Here’s the lesson:  sometimes you need to listen to…YOURSELF.

Yesterday I worked for some Sales Pros about the People Side of Sales.  I was asked to deliver a motivational message I’m passionate about: remembering that although sales techniques and tactics are important, they are worthless unless we really come from a place of service.

Or, in other words, if we actually help our customers get what the need and crave, sales will follow naturally.  With or without sales techniques.  Focus on the people side first.

But today I realized that my message was relevant to me…yeah, it’s weird.  I realized that it’s easy in my life to focus on my chores, my to do lists, my tasks… And all of the minutia that makes up our lives and our jobs. And that I often forget to take care of people in my life.

For example, my wife and I seem to be constantly carting around our children. Helping them get their homework done. Making sure they get to the right performance.  Going to school for this or that.  But I get so wrapped up in those TASKS I sometimes forget to focus on my kids themselves.

I’m so focused on getting them to, for example, the doctors appointment that I forget to focus on PeoplesChoice.2016.0634the real target; I forget to focus on how I can lead them by being upbeat, how I can support and nourish them, how I can help them.  I was focused on the task;  not on the kid.

Yup, we still have to do our tasks.  But we need to keep our eye on the goal.  I’m so busy helping my kids that I forget to be helpful to my kids.

It’s a metaphor but you get it.  It’s the same at our jobs.  With our families.  And even ourselves.

What’s the point?  Take 30 seconds and remind yourself what you are really trying to accomplish. Ask yourself how focusing on the people will help you get closer to that goal. You still have to do your job. You still have to do your tasks, run your errands, and check off your to do lists. But if you focus on the people you are trying to serve everything seems to work out way better.

And best of all, it’s way more fun.  It makes us happier.

Motivational speaker and business speaker provides keynotes, breakouts and way WAY more for meeting and conventions across the country and around the world.    Looking for a professional speaker to ramp up the energy at your meeting? Need somebody to help your people focus on their passion and their purpose in order to increase your bottom line? Contact us today or call us at 303.691.0726

Motivator, Motivate Thyself (Or What I Learned From My Audience)

First of all, this is not about me telling you how great I am, although I’d love to do that.  (Who doesn’t?)  That’s pompous and self-aggrandizing, and not what I’m after here —though you’ll have to hang on to the end of the article to believe me.   So if I seem braggy here, I don’t mean to; just hang on to the end and you’ll see.  You’ll get a nice surprise.  Like ice cream.  Or maybe something less cold.

The subject of today’s lesson:  Motivator, Motivate Thyself.  (Have your ever heard that expression, “Doctor, heal thyself?”  This is like that.)  Or I could also call it, What I Learn From My Audience.  Two great titles; one great blog post.

I was in San Diego recently, giving what, in all modesty, was a kick-ass motivational speech (some days go just better than others–great audience, great room, enough beauty sleep), and afterwards this very nice gentleman from the audience came up to talk to me.  After my business presentations or motivational speeches, frequently people want to connect …and I love it.  I love to hear what they heard.  I love to know what resonated… It often surprises me.

But I digress.  Anyway, this man came up to me and started thanking me and telling me how awesome it was to business speaker Bradhave someone reminding him to stay upbeat, to look for life’s positives instead of the negatives, to get out there and really enjoy what life and living has to offer.  He went on and on;  I’m telling you he positively gushed.  He said I was a great reminder of positivity.  That my stories about staying upbeat generally and especially at work were valuable.  But most of all, he said, he thought I was a great example myself of positivity. Me.  I know.  I thanked him profusely, was very appreciative, very humble, and underneath I was thinking, What a fraud I am!

Because, the truth is, I don’t always see the positives in my life.  I think I’m a bit more positive than the average person..ok, I might even be quite a bit more positive.  But that doesn’t mean I’m always able to stay upbeat.   And lately I’ve struggled being positive with my kids.

So, this man, whose only thought was to compliment me and tell me how great it was that I had reminded him to focus on life’s positives, actually became the motivator.  He reminded me that we all need reminders.  He was, after all, my reminder.  So that minute I resolved to be a better father, a better friend, a better leader.

What’s my point?  Staying positive is important.  It’s valuable. And it’s difficult.  REALLY difficult.  Therefore we ALL need constant reminders of the how-to’s, the importance, and the necessity of staying positive.

What’s that mean?  It means this:  what are YOU doing to stay positive.  I can tell you what I’m doing:

• Listening to motivational speakers.  (I’m gonna listen to my own recording… No..that’s just wrong.)

• Listen to upbeat comedians.

• Read positive books.  Watch positive TV.

So, this week, thanks to my generous audience member, I’m focusing on motivating myself:  finding the positive, acknowledging the good, being grateful for this wonderful life I have.  In other words, motivating myself.

If you need a motivational speaker who speaks to the people side of business, call me, Brad Montgomery.  I’ll be busy motivating myself — it’s a constant struggle.  (It is for ALL of us.)

Brad Montgomery is a business and motivational speaker who speaks to leaders, sales teams, and organizations of all types hoping to get the most out of their people.  He helps them to restart their passion, their purpose, and their desire to be their best.  Want more from your team?  Contact us for more info about bringing Brad in to your meeting or conference.

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