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Laughing or Crying? Humor and Grief ( Brad Montgomery’s podcast)

In this podcast, Brad Montgomery and fellow Motivational Humorist Speaker Scott Friedman interview (yet a third motivational humorist speaker) Craig Zablocki. Besides being a very funny fellow, Craig has a bunch of experience talking with victim’s groups… he is a pro at humor and grief.

Among the many fascinating points Craig makes is that humor and pain are in many ways related.

The most basic connection between laughter and crying is that just like laughter, crying feels good; it’s cathartic. But crying and laughter are related for other reasons. For example, Craig notes that when we are laughing or crying we are very much “in the moment.” We are focused on the here and now.

One of the problems with folks who have suffered a loss is that their minds are so often pointed right back to that loss or event. They are understandably fixated and pre-occupied on the source of their pain. So when these people cry (or laugh) it is a very positive step. It is a chance for them, at least for that time, to be back “in the moment.” They get a break from their loss and can be focused on the here and now. It’s a great step.craig zablocki

Craig also points out that when we are crying (or laughing) there is no ego. We are just there… crying. And for many people that step is amazing.

In addition, Craig connects this concept to his experience being a motivational speaker at Columbine High School in Colorado (the site of a terrible student shooting.)

Thanks Craig. Next time I say, “I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry” it will mean a whole new thing.
Reach Craig Zablocki at http://www.positivelyhumor.com

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor Expert, Student of the Relationship Between Humor & Grief

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